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Here is a guide collected from Caesary's Official Forum written by Xanxari. And according to the author, this guide is for players that know and understand the game well. Beginners may find it difficult to understand some terminology. If you are a superior player in Caesary, then this guide must be helpful to you.

So here goes...

1.Start up

We start out with our main town; first of all follow the tutorial if you are new, and skip it if you know it all ready.  The important thing is to follow the Quests, if you do that you won't run out of resources in the first 5 to 6 hours. The buildings you need in the first city are: A stable, barracks, workshop, temple (god Juno), marketplace, Outpost, Warehouse, Amphitheatre, Plaza, Uni and Academy, and 9 cottages.

Don't upgrade your Stable, Workshop, Barrack or Outpost. These 4 buildings need to stay at level 1. You only create these to complete the quests, but upgrade everything else to level  4. When you start to make level 5 cottages you should start to build your level 5 Rectorate. Yes I know you will get out of BP after 5 hours if you do this, but trust me if you want to keep up you have get out of BP as soon as possible. Also don't get more than 3000 jobs in crops; you don't need more in this city, rather give jobs to the other 3 resources.

While you are following the quest line you should hire more heroes from the Amphitheatre. The hero they give in the tutorial is a POT hero and he is the only hero you should level up, and also the one you should place in as consul when he's physical is low. All the other hero's you hire from your Amphitheatres are from level  1 to 4 and don't upgrade them in levels, the higher the level they are the more they cost in sesterces, and then you can't hold 50 heroes in your  town to farm Wilds. Yes that is right 50...

Only hire level 1s and 4s in the start of the game and don't worry if you got 10 heroes within 2 hours, you need them. Remember that your main income of resources comes from wilds and not from your resource production in the town. When you expand this city at level 4, 8 and 10 you get 4 more building slots each time and the only thing you should build here is cottages. You should also set your taxes to around 50% to maximize sest. income, never go over 50%.

2.Army City

When you can build your 2nd city go to your outpost and make a supply line to your 2nd city but don't send anything just make it and complete the quest after this cancel the supply line and deconstruct your Stable and Outpost and build cottages on these 2 now free building slots.

You keep your 1 barrack and 1 workshop on level 1. When you get your 4th city you deconstruct your 1 workshop and barrack and build 2 more cottages here. Keep them for now because you can use them to dismiss ballista and archers when you open packs. This will give you much needed resources.

The 2nd city is where you will make your army city. Here you need 9 stables. Yes that is right 9. You need it to build and maintain a huge Horse army, many are stunned when I say this but you use Horses for everything in the first 4 weeks of a game. You use horses to maraud other player cities you use them to spike players that farm wilds, and you use them to Siege and farm wilds for yourself.

9 stables, 1 temple (Minerva), Uni, academy, warehouse, market, plaza. Rest is cottages. And when you expand the city at level 4, 8 and 10 build only more cottages. Keep taxes at 50% and only build Crop jobs in this city, you need to feed a hungry and huge army. Also start to Siege Rivers to boost your Crop income.

Get all your troops and heroes over to this city when it can support them, and it should be able to do that in a day or so, also level your rectorate to level 4 and expand to get the 4 extra building slots for cottages.

Caesary Screenshot

3.Other Cities

Your city setup after this should be....

3rd city res/sest, 4th city army, 5th res/sest, 6th army, 7th res/sest and so on.

Res/sest. Cities = 1 temple (Juno), uni, warehouse, market, amphitheatre, plaza. Rest is cottages. taxes at 50% and don't get more than 1000 jobs in crop, not until you get a level 8 rectorate then get 4000 more in crop jobs, rest of the jobs should spread out on iron, stone, lumber.

Army Cities = 9 army buildings. 1 temple (Minerva), uni, academy, warehouse, market, plaza. Rest is cottages. And 50% taxes you may need to drop taxes to 40 30 or 20% to support your army. Also your  4th and 6th city (army) should have 6 workshops and 3 barracks as the 9 army buildings.

4.Wild farming.

Farm a level 1 wild till you get 5 grey aglets. Then get the minipack from your daily quest and unpack it. Don't worry about the crops just build some more jobs in order to keep a check on the upkeep of your troops? Now add those troops to your hero and keep farming level 2. Change heroes when they run out of physical. If you are lucky you might have nice level 2 wilds close to. At the point you can build your 2nd city you should have farmed 20 more grey aglets to get the last 3 minipacks from daily, and then unpack these.

5.Set up for Wild Farming

Level 1 to 2 wilds got only 1 hero. Level 3 to 5 wilds got 2 heroes. Level 6 to 8 wilds got 3 heroes. Level 9 to 10 wilds got 4 heroes.

Farm the level 4 wilds with D/D/H/D/D for the 25 yellow aglets but also for the resources so your city and troop building won't stop at all. Once you have 4 medipacks u can start farming with horses and princ.

If you followed my city setup. You are building horses within 10 hours of server setup; you can even do it within 5 hours if you are good. The best way to farm wilds is with dummies and horses

• Level 1 and 2
You do this with 5/5/5 Principe's in one hero army

• Level 3
Find a small wild with only sagi and hast in it and no more than 140 hast. Use 1 hero with 15/15/15 Principe's.

• Level 4
2 dummies and 1 hammer D/D/H (220,220 horses) or 3 dummies and 1 hammer D/D/H/D (220 horses). Later you can send in 40/40/40 Principe's on 2 heroes. Have to b sagi, hast only and a small level 4. Later you can send in 80/80/80 on one hero with tech level 7/7 medication. and security.

• Level 5
2 dummies 1 hammer D/D/H (450,450 horses) or  3 dummies and 1 hammer D/D/H/D (450 horses)

• Level 6
2 dummies 1 hammer D/H/D (700,700,700 horses). With level 6 wilds you need to find the wilds with horses in them. If no horses you will take bigger losses.

• Level 7
2 Anvils 1 hammer A/H/A(1300/1300/1300 horses). The anvils here are Hast only and 10/10/10 or 20/20/20 also this is for a small level 7 wilds and at this point only farm those that are small and only have Hast, Sagi, and horses. Or this won't work

• Level 8 and up.
At this level and up the wilds vary in size massively, so always scout or probe the wild first. A probe is when u send 1 horse on a suicide mission, to get the wild set up.

I use this simple formula when hitting these wilds: ((haste / 3) x 2)+10%. This gives you the number of horses per stack you need to use to take the wild out. This formula can work for all lvl wilds actually. Also use anvils of 30 to 50 hast per stack, A/H/A

Caesary Screenshot

6.Luxury Farming

Make minimum 5 armies, if your plaza can handle 8, then make 8 armies. Each army has 1 hero and enough troops in that hero to win against the wild. You may still take losses though.

Send your 5 to 8 armies out to the same wild, all in very close succession level 2 = Dye, level 3 = Spices, level 4 = Wine, and so on..... Those 5 to 8 armies should make 5 to 8 separate Arena's on the same wild, and no people we don't use dummies when we farm for Lux.

If you do it like this you will lose troops but instead of farming for the same lux the next 2 or 3 days you will have your 10 Lux in 30 min. and less than 20 minutes if there is a Double Drop event. I got 10 spices during double drop and I did it in fewer than 20 min. and in 58 attacks. Without the DD event you might have to hit the same wild 100 times but with 5 to 8 waves every 1 or 2 min. You will get the Lux. in no time. The secret is hits in succession, for some reason the system drops them more when numerous attacks without dummies.

7. Battle Tactics

A Hammer is your main army, the highest level sway/bravery hero that has your army in it. I use two kinds of hammers. A maraud Hammer and a Siege Hammer.

Maraud hammer exits of horses only and it uses the 3 slots in the front row. First two slots are called sweepers and only has  5 to 10% of  all the horse in that army and the last slot is called the Hammer and has 80 to 90% of the horse army. A 10,000 Maraud army would look like this.......

1000/1000/8000, that's with 10% sweepers. Now you may change it to what you like but also how the enemy would deploy he's anvils. The sweepers are there to take care of the enemies Dummies or anvils. The point is so your Hammer can hit their Hammer.

A Siege hammer is made up of either hast horses or pincipes in the front row. And not that many and back row has 2x sagi in the first 2 slots and Onas in the Last slot. The first two slots in the back row are the sweepers here and in order for those sagi to work you need Footpace level 7 and the last is called the Hammer and is made up of Onas. Some call them the horse killers. The front row is there to soak up some damages. A Siege hammer can look like this......

Front row setup 300/300/300 Principe's or 500/500/500 horses, or 3000/3000/3000 hast. Where the back row can be like this the first two slots with the sagi in them is not the same it all depends on how big you think the enemies anvil is. . but 1000/1000 sagi and up to 10.000/10.000 sagi where the last slot is the Hammer and a good one is 8000+ in onas, remember you use the sagi to sweep the enemies anvils so your Onas the Hammer can hit the enemies hammer.

A Dummy is made up like this. Either 1/1/1 horses front row only... or 1/1/1 hast front and 1/1/1 sagi. in the back, you use them early on for farming wilds and soak up damage early in the game, the horse dummy is used at the first maraud attack on a player to cut down the arena time.

An Anvil is there to stop the enemy Sweepers and soak up damage like a dummy, but they are not dummies. They are made to counter your enemy. You can do this in many ways but the best and cheapest Anvils are made up like this 1/1/? Of Hast in the front and 1/1/1 sagi in the back row. The ? Is the element that makes them better than dummies, because the ? can be any number you choose but you have to choose the right number to stop the enemies sweepers. I usually go like this 1/1/1000.

So to stop a horse Hammers sweepers and if you know more or less the size of his horses in the hammer, you can make a good guess how many Hast you need in the ? to stop the enemies Maraud army.

Example:  you know player X got 40,000 horses. He will most likely have sweepers that are around 4,000 so his horse army would look like this - 4,000/4,000/32,000 this means you need around 3,000 Hast to stop a sweeper so you need your Anvils to look like this, 1/1/3,000 Hast in the front row and 1/1/1 Sagi in the back row. The same thing works on Siege hammers, where your ? Hast needed to be so big that it stops the sagi Dispersion from killing the anvil army.

Caesary Screenshot

8.Alternative City Set Up

My arch Enemy for 3 servers, Shellz666, uses a setup that is far from mine, but works because she has beaten me in prestige on all 3 servers. She has 1 temple (Juno), plaza, market, amphitheatre, uni, academy, warehouse, 2 stables, 1 barracks, and 1 workshop rest is cottages on her first 3 cities. She uses Juno in her temples to get a higher population, to get more sesterces and production from all 3 cities, but also to make them independent of each other.

She makes jobs on Lumber, Iron, Stone, until there are around 100k in production per hour. After that she only makes jobs on the farm. When one of these cities is at level 10, expand all cottages to level 9 and the temple is also level 9 you  can house 50k hast 25k sagi 15k Principe's 120k horse 25k onas and 10k scouts in each of these cities. That's massive.

The 4th is just like the other 3 except here there are no barracks, instead 3 stables and 1 workshop. The 5th and 6th city is like the first 3 but here she builds 2 stables and 2 workshops. The reason for this is so she can house 2 great hammers per city, and the heroes to launch from all cities. By making the temples worship Juno in all cities will make them self sufficient around week 2 or so, and u don't have to maraud for res/sest at all, they support themselves.

9.Final Note

There is obviously a lot more to this game than what I have mentioned, but these are the basics for a good competitive game. I've also not disclosed all information, some of the really good stuff I only share with league members.

One final word. This is a war game so the sooner you build a powerful army the better. Don't just sit there and make buildings or make specs for prestige gain. Prestige is not the point of this game, being the most powerful and having the best battle tactics is. I was seldom number 1 in prestige on all the servers I've played, but I was definitely the most powerful, therefore I could fight anyone and win, even people with greater prestige. So don't be a Farmville player, be an active war mongering Roman.

Source: A Guide to Caesary in Official Forum



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