Caesary Guide: Quick Tips for Beginners

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You must be anxious about how to expand your city, how to recruit heroes and conquer land to forge your empire, right? Don't worry, here are the quick tips about Caesary basic development and the in-game heroes. These tips should get you on the way of becoming a true Caesary master.

Quick Tips to Beginners

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About Character

1. When will the Newbies Attack Immunity expire?
Newbies Attack Immunity will expire in 7 days. But if your Rectorate has reached level 5 in 7 days, Immunity would automatically expire!

2. How do I change my Heraldry?
Click your lord name under the avatar and click the pencil icon next to your current Heraldry to modify it. It costs you an item called Heraldic Flag to modify your Heraldry.

3. Are their any items i can use to get Newbie Protection again?
Yes, this item is called Cease-fire, this items lasts 12 hours & then you have to wait another 12 hours before you can use another. Also this item can be found from wilderness(s) or can be bought from Item Mall for a cost of 30 Gold

About Basic Development

1. How do I gain more resource?
Every player has 1 Farm, 1 Sawmill, 1 Quarri and 1 Iron Mine by default. Different resource fields can increase corresponding resources for you. To boost the resources production, you need to create more jobs for labor recruitment. You can apply Saturn Acrolith, Ceres Acrolith, Faunus Acrolith and Vulcan Acrolith to temporarily raise your resources production. You may also buy some resources from the Market or directly click the Buy button to buy them from the system.

2. How do I gain more Sesterces?
Build more Cottages to increase Population. You can gain more Sesterces if you have a larger population and a higher tax rate. You can apply Mercury Acrolith to temporarily raise your Sesterces production.

3. How do I gain more population?
Build more Cottages to attract more citizens. Population is a very important conception in Caesary. They can be assigned to work in resources field and enlist in army. You can perform Reproduction in the Temple or apply Asylum Encyclic to add more citizens to your current population.

4. What is the highest level of a building?
The highest level of a building is determined by your city level. Building level can't exceed 4 in a Level 1 city, 8 in a Level 2 city, 10 in a Level 3 and Level 4 city.

11. How to take advantage of the wilderness?
Caesary has 7 kinds of wilderness: River, Stream, Woods, Bush, Sand, Mountain and Clearing. Your resources production benefits from occupation of it. What’s more, you are likely to get loot upon successful plunder and seizure. The loot can be used to promote your Noble Rank.

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