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Bussiness Tycoon Online


Business Tycoon Online is the first massively business simulation web game in the world. It has already set a record of 600,000 players online at the same time. Player who acts as an entrepreneur in game will start from operating a small store. In order to become a distinguished celebrity and build a business empire, player will have to go through all kinds of hardships, raise his social status and constantly expand his business. Here, you can have your power achieved; you can have your social status raised and you can have your dream realized.

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Let's take a look at the six wonderful features in Business Tycoon Online.

1. Shop-factory integration provides more business experience

There are 4 industries in the game: Entertainment, Catering, Retailing and Services and only one can be chosen by each player. Players can open their shops while building up factories to produce what they need for business.

Bussiness Tycoon Online

2. The 6 classes of staffs shows the players power

Staffs is the most important partner for strengthening players power. Staffs will be divided into 6 classes and represented by 6 colors. The Most capable staffs is represented in Orange, and then red, purple, blue, green, and white. Those capable staffs will be a reinforcement for sales profit, negotiation and competition. Hiring a super talent is a dream of 600 thousand players.

Bussiness Tycoon Online

3. A smart secretary helps you improve working efficiency

The Smart secretaries can handle all kinds of business fluently, greatly improving your working efficiency. What’s more? All these secretaries are good looking girls, and you can enjoy you’re the life as a boss.

Bussiness Tycoon Online

4. The City Hall provides special right to honorable players

Players can be voted to join the City Hall, in which all members can have part of GM’s power, even close down other players’ shops or guilds. Very cool. However, City Hall members can be impeached if they are not capable.

Bussiness Tycoon Online

5. Various Synthesis System produces expensive personal items

As a successful celebrity, cars, helicopters, honor medals, suits of famous brand become necessary. Come to the Bell Lab and make your own items to show off your identity.

6. BTO Arena, a combat place you should never miss

Eloquence combat is the most intense competition in the market. Form a group with your staffs and join the debate contest in BTO Arena. Defeat your rivals and win the reward with many valuable items.

Bussiness Tycoon Online

Bussiness Tycoon Online

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