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Business Tycoon Online

Business Tycoon Online is a MMO business simulation browser game. In Business Tycoon Online, a player will act as a CEO and start his business in Liberty City. After severe competitions and challenges, one will finally establish his own business empire. Wealth, which comes from stores, is one significant embodiment of a player's strength. The problem is how to earn the most? The article here lists some key points about increasing store revenue. (From official)

Be Wise and Maximize Revenue in Business Tycoon Online

First of All, Find out the Reason for Low Revenue

All factors that related with store revenue will be revealed when one move his Mouse over to the name of a store. The daily revenue is comprised of Store Basic Revenue, various bonuses and negative effects. For example, Employees, Vehicles and Medals will cause an increase in store revenue while Store Rent, Tax and Storage fee will take away some of your revenue.

Find out the Reason for Low Revenue

Higher Level Creates More Revenue

The stores' level rises along with the upgrading of company level. In Business Tycoon Online, stores are divided into 5 grades according to their Business Level. Only stores of higher levels can establish in zones besides Residential Zone. Otherwise, stores of low level will be influenced by "Zone Effect". Usually, players can only establish their Business Level 1 and 2 stores in Residential Zone, Business Level 3 store in Downtown Zone and Business Level 4 and 5 stores in Commercial Zone.

Higher Level Creates More Revenue

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