Business Tycoon Online Guide: 11 Tips for Stores

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Business Tycoon Online

As a business game, the management of stores play an important role in Business Tycoon Online. It's the base of your career. These tips are concluded by happiness in the official forum. May be more or less helpful to the newbies.

For those who don't know Business Tycoon Online yet: Players in Business Tycoon Online will role-play as entrepreneurs, starting with a small store, experiencing all difficulties and challenges on their way, making great efforts to widen their business scope and raising their social class, and finally become the owners of transnational enterprises through their hard work.

11 Tips for Stores in Business Tycoon Online

By happiness in the official forum

I played BTO just now; however, I didn't take long to conclude the experience of Stores, just for novice reference.

1.        You can gain 100% income when you build your level one stores in Residential Zone. If low level Stores are built in Commercial Zone, regional competition will affect your revenue.
2.        With the increasing of your Stores' business, establishing Level 2, Level 3 Stores in Downtown Zone and establishing Stores above Level 4 in Commercial Zone will gain more income.
3.        If same type of Stores were opened in the same street, Stores will be increased the value of competition. Also, competition will have a direct impact on the value of income.
4.        You must have enough staff and goods in Store; otherwise, your Stores will be closed, and the rent would be still deducted when your Stores are under cessation state.
5.        You have to carefully consider the options when you are purchasing. Such as, the one-time purchasing a large quantity of goods, it will lead to significant increasing the costs in warehouse inventory.
6.        You can get one Store upgrade points in every four-hour. Level one company accumulate up to 6 upgrade points, and level 2 company can accumulate up to 7 upgrade points, and so on.
7.        Stores promotion can increase the revenue, but if you frequently use the same way, there will likely result in false, and your popularity will decline.
8.        If you want to relocate your Stores, you may use the "Moving Company" item, and your shops will relocate to other places.
9.        Every Rookie has 7-day period of protection. In this protection period, you do not have to worry about being a strategy attack from other players, but it also can not attack others.
10.        Stores income is billed on once per minute.
11.        In the Store List, move your mouse to Store's name, it can display a detailed income and expenditure.

Business Tycoon Online



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