Business Tycoon Online Guide: How to Avoid Easy Mistakes

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Business Tycoon Online

By cr012207 from Official Forum

Here are a few tips to new players (and maybe experienced players) to try to make sure you do not make mistakes in Business Tycoon Online!

1. Different store levels belong in different city zones

Level 1 and 2 stores belong in the Residential Zone
Level 3 stores belong in the Downtown Zone
Level 4, 5 and 6 stores belong in the Commercial Zone

Stores in an incorrect zone will incur a negative revenue bonus

2. Do not forget to collect free gratis gold in your first 3 days on a new server

Gratis gold can be extremely helpful. On day 1 of a new server you can collect 20 gratis gold from the welfare center in the City, one day 2 you can collect 30 gratis gold and on day 3 a massive 50 gratis gold.

Missing your gratis gold will put you at a big disadvantage

3. Join a guild that suits you

Don't rush into donating to a guild as soon as you join it, if you donate you will have to wait 7 days to leave. Give it a few days and make sure you enjoy the guild and the members are active and helpful.

4. Understand what factory you are creating

I always make the mistake of building a factory with 50% more raw materials, which will be excellent when I get a really massive factory needing tonnes of raw materials. But at the start of the server the factory with 50% faster production can be much quicker. Understand and weigh up the options, once you build a factory and start to use it, you will not want to get rid of it and start again.

5. Don't ignore chat

Even chatting in public chat or guild chat for 10 minutes a day can make you a bunch of friends who will be willing to assist you where necessary. I consider one of the biggest mistakes any user could make is not being active in chat. I have only been success because of the friends I have made, and I have only been so lucky with employees and items because of the trades I have made with friends and the free presents I have received.

6. Be active

The only way to be extremely successful in this game is to make sure you log on and run routines each day. Get your guild allowance and keep your employee training.

7. Turn on Auto-Renewal contracts

Under Business then employees there is a choice which says 'Activate Auto Renewal' - Click it!!

This will ensure none of your employees will leave your company if you forget to renew contracts. And if you can't get to a computer for a number of days, for whatever reason, you will be protected.

8.Always check stores are stocked

Simple.... you won't lose any money if they aren't!

9. Don't waste Gratis gold

There is no point training white employees, buying store expansion agreements (at least till you get level 4 stores), speeding up strategies etc...

Gratis gold is good for a few things: Speeding up store upgrades (only when needed), buying superfish soups, buying VIP cards (when needed), training employees (only during employee training discounts) [There are others but I can't think right now...]



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