Business Tycoon Online (BTO) Guide: Character

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Business Tycoon Online



There are 3 different types of Attributes:
Strategy: Increases effect of carrying out Strategy, Store Cleanliness Disturbing, Media Attack, Poaching
Wisdom: Accelerates acquiring Raw Materials for the factory and speed of goods production
Leadership: Increases company revenue

* Ways of gaining Attribute points:
1. Investor's Quests
2. Character's Routine work
3. Executive MIB
4. Help Bell
5. Travelling
6. 24-hour Activities
7. For more ways of gaining Attribute points, please see the latest activities and events released on the BTO official website.

* Maximum Attribute caps:
There is a maximum total of 2000 points of the 3 Attributes distributable. After reaching the maximum amount, the Attribute points will accumulate and can be exchanged for different items:
50 Attribute points --> 1 Store Upgrade Point
70 Attribute points --> 1 Luck Coupon




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