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The Bubble Ninja is the first horizontal version of anime theme ninja action web games. "Bubble Ninja" set up in the mysterious world of Naruto, and learn the essence of the Japanese ninja culture, to focus on the operating and competitive experience as the main game purpose, interactions with friends is also one of the highlights of the Bubble Ninja.

"Bubble Ninja" is a blend of Japanese ninja cultural essence of the work, which it background story in the Naruto world, a collection of anime, and forbearance, dark, rebellion, love, hate, justice, love and other elements, including tracking, reconnaissance,espionage, bodyguards, the assassination of a wide range of content to play up the authenticity of the desirable ninja life. The wonderful ninja in the Naruto experience familiar with the comic book ninja fighting unprecedented stimulus. The familiar faces in the game, makes player feel the game in the Naruto world, the story makes emotional experience of life and death, experience shovel fierce and evil forces. Who is the main actor? "Bubble Ninja" leave the matter to the players. Masters of the game, will experience how is the story will go. How the intersection will be with the world of the ninja? So, is all up to you to decide.

Bubble Ninja Screenshot

Bubble Ninja Screenshot

Interactive control battle system

In Bubble Ninja, you will not found any old school 1 on 1 turn base battle system. Our battle system is fully complete with ultra interactive style. Special attack sound effect, screen vibration and so on make the gaming experiences to another level. The special skill of each jobs with famous ninjutsu brings you to the real ninja world. The control system for Bubble Ninja is perfect as well, by using the Up,Down,Left,Right key for the direction moving control.

[LEFT,RIGHT] : Moving left and right in map
[UP,DOWN] : Moving up and down on ladder or rope.
[SPACE] : Jump or 2 step jump

Bubble Ninja Screenshot

Bubble Ninja Screenshot

Naruto Storyline, 100% Original

Bubble Ninja is fully based on the famous manga Naruto. The storyline, Character, Ninjutsu skill even the Summon (Pet) is fully remake from the original Naruto manga and anime. Another unique point of this game is the player may experience some special contents that never appear in public before.

Bubble Ninja Screenshot

Naruto Ninjutsu

So far there is 4 type of Ninjutsu series in [Bubble Ninja], hundred to thousand of ninjutsu skill and summon pet is up to your choice. Each of the series of Ninjutsu is based on the original story as well. The rich mix of ninjutsu skills and fighting skills will be key to defeating the enemy.

Bubble Ninja Screenshot

Leisure game style

In Bubble Ninja, you can always enjoy the game in leisure style. No hassle for keep farming or leveling. Gold coin picking, jump and jump, with the meditation, players are able to leveling as well. A fun game with rich contents

Bubble Ninja Screenshot

Ultimate BOSS

In Bubble Ninja, the BOSS appear in game are base on each different level with different power and ability. The item that player may obtain after defeat the BOSS is the most interesting part. Player may receive some rare item or item shop merchandise by defeating the BOSS.

Bubble Ninja Screenshot



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