Bubble Ninja Beginner Guide: How to Get to Level 45 Fast

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Bubble Ninja is a brand new game released by Asia Games recently. If you are a newbie of this game, then just check this guide first. You'll get some tips on how to level up fast here.

1. Adventure Begins

You start the game by selecting a class. Speaking from my experience (I'm Level 50), there is not much difference between the four classes: Katon, Futon, Suiton and Raiton, each of which has a powerful short-range skill, a long-range skill and an AOE skill. For each level increased, short-range skill gains extra 1.3% attack bonus, 1.0% for long-range skill and 0.7% for AOE skill.

You can upgrade your skills by Chakra Essence or by improving skill proficiency. I recommended you to use the latter way and focus on the long-range skill as it is more helpful to deal with the bosses at your beginner phase. Skill proficiency will be improved every time you launch it.

2. Attributes

There are four kinds of attributes: Attack, Defense, Agility and Fitness.

Attack: increase the physical damage and Ninjutsu damage.
Defense: reduce the damage suffered. (It is estimated that 1000 Defense points will reduce 18% damage.)
Agility: increase the critical strike rate and dodge. (1000 agility points will increase 10% dodge or so. It is hard to test its influence on critical strike. Generally speaking, if you have 300 Agility points, you may launch one critical strike every 4-8 attacks.)
Fitness: increase HP and MP. It is a very important attribute for you to fight bosses.

As in my play, Attack is my preference. It gives me high attack power but the disadvantage is I could die easily. To remedy this, I also invest in Fitness and Agility for they can improve my HP and dodge while giving me high critical rate. (You can improve Defense by use of armor, so you don't have to focus much on the Defense attribute.) Although you may be killed by a boss shortly at Level 40 if you don't have epic equipment or you fail to dodge their attack, this kind of attribute-developing strategy can make you a true PvP force in the future. If you just focus on Fitness, you can play tank but you won't be able to deal high damage.

3. How to Level Fast: (quests and dungeons)

Main Quests: You can finish the main quests one by one and advance to Level 16. It is pretty simple since you can use the auto-piloting function.

Branch Quests: Don't miss the quests given by bookseller before Level 20. Even after you reach Level 20, you should finish his quests as many as you can. You can open a login pack every day you sign in the game and a grow pack after leveling up. They are also very helpful. The experience gained from monsters and bookseller quests can help you get to Level 18.

Then, you have two choices to reach Level 20: challenge Level 15 dungeon or open Eight Gates. I suggest you use the latter one. You can open your own Gates or share experience from other players who are in the middle of opening Eight Gates. You can share Eight Gates opening experience from others 24 times a day at most (there is no limitation for opening your own Eight Gates), but make sure you don't exceed 20 times a day! Eight Gates are opened or improved by use of Chakra Essence, which can be sold for money also.

After you reach Level 20, you can open your grow pack and finish the daily quest 20 times. You might as well use some Voucher to improve the rewards during this phase. When the luck degree reaches 10, you might get some advanced items like Upgrade Charm or Enhancement Pearl, etc. If you finish daily quest 10 times, you can gain extra experience, Chakra Essence and 20 Gold.

After you complete daily quest 20 times, you'll probably reach Level 24. Then you can visit Kakashi to take the Love Book quest. You can buy a Love Book 1 at 20 Gold and then complete the quest to get three of the same items. You can open the books in the book club. Unless the whole world is against you, you can get at least a high-grade pet or a piece of purple equipment. The next step is to finish the main and branch quests. (PS: the Event Master's quest is unavailable to be completed for the moment; Mizuki's quests depends on luck and you'd better save dungeon quests for later.) After you finish the main and branch quests, you'll probably reach Level 27. Open the Level 25 grow pack now, and you will get a piece of Level 20 green equipment. If you are lucky, you may get some purple or blue gears or achievement packs from defeated monsters. Open these packs once you find them and they may give you something useful. Equip the green equipment for your Grade 2 dog (haven't finished the branch quest: Inuzuka Kiba?). Put the other pet on attached status. OK, it is time for dungeons. Use up all your Chakra Essence to open your Eight Gates. Remember that only choose those 100% percent successful ones and don't share your Eight Gates experience with others for the moment. After this, you'll probably get to Level 30. If you are still lower than Level 30, make it! Open Level 30 grow pack, equip the equipment gained, prepare a good deal of Ramen and Milk, and upgrade your AOE skill and long-range skill to Level 8. After everything is set, you can head to the Level 15 dungeon, alone or with a team.

Level 15 Dungeon

You can enter this Dungeon from Jiraiya's. Before getting in, remember to use double exp for your character as well as for your pet. In addition, make sure you have 3 Paper Cranes in your bag (to avoid accidental death). The moment you enter the dungeon, monsters will automatically head to you. All you have to do is launch the AOE skill. One thing you have to pay attention to is that do not stop, otherwise you may break off the combo kill. (PS: if you fail to kill a monster within every 15 seconds, your combo kill will break off.) When your combo kill reaches 100/200/300, you will gain a buff which can help you deal more damage to a boss or receive more experience. (The 200 combo kill buff will enable you to deal triple damage to a boss.) When you kill 300 monsters or so, a special kind of monsters will appear, who have the ability to empty your Chakra. They are very annoying, so if you run into them, climb on the ladder immediately. If you have some Vouchers, you can buy a combo kill Charm in advance.

Tips for fighting a boss: Lock them, use your long-range skill to attack them and then climb down the ladder no matter you hit them or not. (The boss will lose agro on you when you climb on the ladder, but if you don't act fast, you may be sec killed by the boss's long-range attack.) By repeating this process can you finally kill the boss. If you have high attack power, you can kill all the bosses within 30 minutes. If you don't have high attack power, you should take advantage of the combo kill buff and don't hesitate to use a combo kill Charm when the buff is about to disappear. The combo kill Charm will give you extra 30 minutes of combo kill buff. Leave the mobs alone until you kill all the bosses. This is the more efficient way to use your double exp bonus. There are totally 1,200 mobs in the dungeon. If you kill all of them, you will advance to Level 37!

Level 20 Dungeon

You'd better team up with your friends in this dungeon. It is impossible to block a boss in this dungeon, but if one of your team members is killed, the boss (except Haku) will stop attacking and wait for the dead body to revive. You can take advantage of these seconds to attack the boss who will not fight back. You can get reward of skill book fragments and Reservoirs of Essence in this dungeon, but the experience gained is not much. Every time you enter this dungeon, you need to spend one Paper Crane.

Level 25 Dungeon

It is a place for loot. You can enter this dungeon from any of its gates and then start killing the snake monsters. In general case, you can get Money Mouse or Essence Mouse as reward. However, if you are lucky enough, you may run into a boss in this dungeon and get better reward.

Level 40 Dungeon & Level 45 Dungeon

Monsters in both dungeons are powerful, so you'd better team up with your friends to challenge them. The team cooperation is very important and you may get some good equipment in these two dungeons.

Back to leveling, when you reach Level 37, you can complete the main and branch quests to get to Level 38 or Level 39, and then share your Eight Gates experience in a crowded place, which can help you get to Level 41 or Level 42, maybe even Level 43 or Level 44 if you have enough Eight Gates experience to share. After that, go back to the quests, both main quests and branch quests. It is pretty much all for the beginner phase. You now can take a rest or enjoy other stuff like hunting monsters or Meditation.In addition, pay attention to the boss info on the right top of the screen and go kill them when they are reborn.

4. Little Tips

You can gain more Chakra Essence by Co-Meditation during which you can also choose an inner skill to improve its proficiency. It is recommended to challenge the Level 15 dungeon when double exp events are held in game. If you have double exp items, use them and then you can gain triple experience in the dungeon.

That's all I got for the beginner guide. If you have different idea, please share with us!



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