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Brunelleschi: Age of Architects is a web based Social Strategy RPG, this game offers many entry levels of social stature. Mighty heroes adventure in the wilderness as powerful lords manage huge Settlements. Politics, Diplomacy, and Warfare abound in this historically themed game.

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Lords or Heroes

The first step after choosing to create a new character is to select: "Hero" or "Lord". You can switch back and forth between these two options as much as you want until you decide on a class.



If you choose "Hero" you'll see 10 portraits and a "More" button. There are 25 total Hero classes. You can use the "More" and "Prev" buttons to get a look at all of them.

As a Hero you don't need to worry about civics and can focuse on combat! You can either choose to enter the wilderness or to move into a settlement.

Settlements are owned by players and you can only move into a settlement that has room for you. There's always room in the untamed wilderness. Without establishing residence in a settlement, your actions are limited to the most basic, and what you can obtain through your class by achieving certain levels. The wilderness also limits your access to equipment and supplies, as you can only shop the world market.

Brunelleschi: Age of Architects Screenshots


If you choose "Lord" you'll see 10 portraits. These are the male and female portraits for the 5 Lord classes.

If you choose to join a settlement as a citizen (rather than starting a new settlement, or getting a job as a minister) your adventure will be just like a hero's. The one exception is Importance.

As lords gain importance they gain rank. When your rank increases, your portrait and title change. Should you decide to start a settlement later, your settlement will increase in rank as soon as you have enough acres, until its rank is equal to yours.

Another option is to take a job as a Minister in an existing settlement. This will make you the governer of a district within a settlement owned by another player.

Brunelleschi: Age of Architects ScreenshotsBrunelleschi: Age of Architects Screenshots

Recruiting Ministers

While you may find it fun to try and run your settlement alone at first, before too long you'll probably want help managing your districts.

In addition to helping manage your growing settlement, Ministers provide bonuses to your districts based on their attributes. Ministers are also citizens of your settlement and automatically pledge fealty to you when they accept a Ministry in your settlement. They provide you tax revenue and acres to expand your settlement further, and because they're pledge to you, their importance adds to your own.


Recruiting Heroes

Powerful Heroes can be a big boon to your settlement economy. It is also a great way to get to know Heroes to recruit as pledges. The more powerful the Hero, the more they will look for in a settlement.

To attract powerful Heroes, you will want to have as many districts as possible. The more districts your settlement has, the more actions will be available to you, your Ministers, and any Heroes residing there.

Equipment is another great attractor for Heroes. If you have a lot of nice crafting buildings churning out equipment which you and your Ministers then sell or give away to resident Heroes, you are likely to be a very popular sovereign!

Growing Your Settlement

As Sovereign, you are the ultimate leader of your settlement and your leadership will determine its greatness.

Even if each of your districts is being governed by a Minister, you will still want to make sure that they are all contributing to your master plan. Goods and materials are needed to construct more buildings and goods are needed by certain buildings to craft equipment. You will need acres and importance to gain access to more districts, and lots of active pledges to help you acquire both.

Through careful management of your settlement's citizens, resources, and taxation, you can build one of the great cities of the renaissance!

Brunelleschi: Age of Architects Screenshots


Dueling is available to everyone! There are consequences to dueling someone of a different level than yourself. If you are higher level and choose Not to take a handicap, then the duel is dishonorable and you will lose importance for clobbering a weaker opponent.

Dueling an equal or higher level opponent is honorable and can earn you both experience and importance. Although Dueling may result in the death of one of the opponents, death is not incapacitating. In Brunelleschi, player death restores all hit points and deducts a small percentage of the players total action points.

A duel can be initiated at any time by selecting the shield and swords button next to the chat area.

Leveling Up

Whether you are a Sovereign, Minister, Hero, or Lord, you can become more powerful by increasing your character's level.

Leveling up will grant you new equipment slots, increase your hit points, mana points, action points, and special actions!Leveling up will grant you new equipment slots, increase your hit points, mana points, action points, and special actions!

Brunelleschi: Age of Architects Screenshots

Brunelleschi: Age of Architects Screenshots

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