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Broken Realm is a browser based MMOrpg by R2games which puts players in a world that is at war with itself as claimant rise up to claim the throne of Valcroy and the stability of the kingdom is at stake. Is this world worth saving or will players merely leave it to its own devices?

The game features four different classes for players to choose from; Barbarian, Archer, Paladin, and Mage, you're also given the choice of if you want to be male or female. Beyond that, there are no customization options for the looks of your would-be hero, save those that come in the shop. The class choices are fairly generic, save the Paladin which plays a more assassin role than would-be clerical warrior.

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The in-game graphics are fairly well done with a hand-painted look that seems to be a fairly popular style in the east, for browser games. The major flaw of this type of art style however is, while it looks good, depending on how the animators decide to develop it, it can end up looking rather flat at times, which is one thing that troubles the look of the game. Water is not animated and ends up looking odd as your character runs across it like some standard landscape, which does take a bit of the immersion out of the world. Despite that flaw, it is still rather nice to look at.

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Combat is a fairly standard point and click combat style which will be familiar to anyone who has played a standard MMO, so it doesn't present much of a learning curve and makes it rather easy to get into. The amount of skills you can get is a fairly decent amount and comes in basic and sub-class skills. One interesting aspect of combat is the Rage meter, which goes up as you fight, this is because when you activate it, it will provide a fairly good chunk of damage to all enemies around you, at lower levels, this will kill all of them and provide you with a decent chunk of XP/loot.

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They provide a fairly high exp rates which make leveling in the game a cakewalk for the first thirty or so levels by means of quests, and just the monster's exp. If that wasn't good enough there is even a AFK bot in the game which proves you with only about an hour of AFK time a day (for free players), but is fairly well done and gives you a fair amount of options to play around with; even giving the ability to select which monsters you're fighting and what type of loot to pick up. Since this game is meant to be more casual, it does put things off a bit with the only 1 hour of AFK time, which doesn't progress you that far, and makes you want to keep clicking your way through everything in the game.

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There are dungeons for players to explore and fight through, but to be honest they felt a bit unappealing. The levels are fairly short and don't offer much in variety and feel more like something you would want the AFK bot to do for you, than actually running through it yourself. It felt like they could have added a bit more to it to make it more interesting, but decided to make it a short/quick experience instead.

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I must admit, I am also not a fan of how they decided to do the PK system in the game. The system they use is not new, but as someone who plays primarily Player vs. Player games, I feel it is flawed. They went with the 'select your mode' type deal where you select anything from Peace to Evil mode. The flaw with this is Peace mode players cannot attack anyone, even if that person is killing them or their friends, unless they switch to something like Justice Mode. This is rather tedious and can get you and your friends killed if you don't select something else to combat that from happening. The only aspect I did find a bit neat about it, was the prison system (I am a fan of these) which puts pokers in jail when they get "caught" for a set duration.

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The game has its ups and downs though a lot of the downs can weight on it a bit hard. It has options to keep your attention after your one hour of free afking is gone, but those seem way too short an unappealing to really keep you interested. With a re-haul, this game could be a lot better, but right now it may be better to pass on it for now.

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I have been playing mmos since about 1999, and haven't stopped since, and I cannot even remember when I started console/pc gaming. I'm an avid gamer who does dive back into the real world from time to time. My all time goal is to start my own business, but that is taking a side step as I am going through college.



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