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Broken Realm: A Crystal Saga Chronicle is a medieval-fantasy MMORPG released by R2Games and uses optimized 2.5D, realistic graphics to visually pull players into a vast virtual world.

The World of Broken Realm: The reign of King Valcroy, after the defeat of the Undead and the evil Ice Queen, was a golden age of peace and prosperity. For many generations, Vidalia was the center of trade, commerce, and protection from the outlying lands beyond the influence of the Vidalian Monarchy

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Players will receive their Spirit Stone upon reaching level 5. Equipping the Spirit Stone will allow you to use Rage, a unique attack which can be used to annihilate all surrounding enemies. More importantly, the Spirit Stone offers various attribute boosts. The Spirit Stone system has a total of 7 nodes, which will unlock over a period of time. Each node will offer a different kind of attribute boost. When first receiving your Spirit Stone (Level 5), the first node will be unlocked, allowing you to pick your first attribute boost. These boosts may then be improved by tempering them. Temper attempts may be gained once enough Spirit Stone progress is gained, which may be raised by defeating monsters within 9 levels of your own. By using a Temper attempt, you are given 1-4 chances (depending on the number of Temper Slots unlocked) to upgrade any one of the currently chosen attributes. If the attempt is successful, the entire attribute node associated with the successful attempt will gain more power.

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Players in the Royal Prison may open Shop if they wish. Additionally, players may pay to visit a friend in the Royal Prison by visiting the Royal Prison Guardian in Everglade. The fee to enter the Royal Prison is 50,000 Gold.



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