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In Broken Realm, there are various features in the game that can greatly improve your Battle Rating and Character Performance. For those of you that don't know, Wings are actually one of the most important attributes to help build a successful character.

So, where do I get my wings?

Around level 32. If you follow the main quest line very well with no distraction, sometimes earlier, but the average time for a player to obtain his/her first pair of wings is around level 32.

I got the quest for my Wings, but they arn't equipped!

When you first accept the quest for Wings, they will be in your inventory. To equip your Wings, select them and click "Use" or simply double click their icon.

Great, so what do I need to know about wings?

Not only do wings look beautiful and extravagant, but they majorly effect your character performance and battle rating as you upgrade them. It's important to not leave them behind, because the best characters have the best wings.

Okay....but how do I upgrade my wings?

Wings can be upgraded using 2 certain materials. The first one required is Fairy Wings, and that is for upgrading wings until a certain point until they require Ethereal Wings.

Awesome! So how do I get these treasured materials!?

Quite simply, actually. If you were looking for a non cash option, you can easily find a team and go through hard/nightmare dungeons to get Fairy Wings. At the current time, there is no other way to obtain Ethereal wings but the cash shop.

Both Fairy Wings AND Ethereal Wings can be purchased in the item mall!

Broken Realm: A Crystal Saga Chronicle Screenshot

How many upgrades/tiers of Wings are there?

At the current time, I can confirm 4 tiers of wings, and those are Glowing, Angel, ArchAngel and Seraph wings. Compared to Crystal saga, it looks like this:

(CS)Glowing Wings I, Extreme Glowing Wings I, and Ultimate Glowing wings I = (BR) Glowing Wings I, Royal Glowing wings I, and Gold glowing wings I

(CS)Angel Wings I, Extreme Angel wings I, and Ultimate Angel Wings I = (BR) Angel Wings I, Royal Angel Wings I, Gold Angel Wings I.

(CS)Dual Angel Wings I, Extreme Dual Angel Wings I, and Ultimate Dual Angel Wings I = (BR) Archangel Wings, Royal Archangel wings, and gold archangel wings.

(CS)Fire Wings I, Extreme Fire Wings I, Ultimate Fire Wings I = (BR) Seraph Wings I, Royal Seraph Wings I, and Gold Seraph Wings I.

Note: As of 19th December 2012, these are the latest confirmed Wings based on players. I will update this as more tiers are revealed.

Glowing Wings go from I - III before they upgrade to the next color/tier or set.

Angel Wings go from I - IV before they upgrade to the next colour/tier or set.

ArchAngel Wings go from I - V before they upgrade to the next tier or set.

Seraph Wings go from I - VI before they upgrade to the next tier or set.

Finally, I would like to remind everyone that all of these wings can be obtained with persistence, a good attitude and a bit of luck.



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