Broken Realm Guide: Malacris

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Special thanks to Codawg211 for sharing this Broken Realm Malacris Guide.

What is the Malacris?

The Malacris is a forge-able "sword" obtained at level 50 that provides an initial boost of 350 matk and patk, with later upgrades providing more benefits. It also gives a great boost to your Battle Rating. Be warned, it may take some time to forge it initially, but the reward for obtaining it is oh so nice. (There is also a quest to go along with the Malacris. Accepting the quest will give you 2 million experience, meant to help you start forging it, and completing it will give you a purple level 50 weapon).

Where can I find the Malacris?

On the right side of your screen, between the Spirit Stone and Dragon's Hoard wheel, is a neat little blank spot. Once you reach 50, it will be filled in with the Malacris icon.

Broken Realm Malacris

Forging the Malacris

Congratulations on reaching 50! Now, you're ready to start forging the Malacris. Simply click on the Malacris icon, and you will see four individual parts to forge: The Hilt, The Crest, The Blade, and The Tip. Each part will take some time, and there's no particular order to take. You will need Life Origins, Grade 3 Malacris Shards (obtained by recycling blue or higher gear), and experience to forge each part. Each forge will add 4% to the progress on the part, and takes 4 Life Origin, 1 Grade 3 Malacris Shard, and 400,000 experience. Yep, gonna be a while, since that will mean a whopping 100 Life Origin, 25 Grade 3 Malacris Shards, and 10 million experience per part. In total, 400 Life Origin, 100 Grade 3 Malacris Shards, and 40 million experience. Don't let it discourage you though; it's worth every bit of it.

Broken RealmBroken Realm

Upgrading the Malacris

Well done, good job on finally forging the Malacris. Now you're ready to start upgrading it! (I can only post what I know up to the point I'm at, but I will try to update as I increase my own) Under the Malacris panel, there's an upgrade section. Click it, and you can see what level your Malacris is, what benefits it gives, and what the upgrade will give. It also shows the required level, Spirit, experience, and items needed to upgrade.

Broken Realm Upgrade Malacris

Upgrading the Malacris (continued)

Initially, you'll need a small amount of Spirit, a little bit of experience, more (yep, more) Life Origin, and Malacris Shards. Now, the shards can be obtained several ways; you can buy them via the crystal shop, get them for the 10 day log in bonus, buy them from others, or forge them from 3 Rift Shards (limit 10 per day forged). Any way works, just find the one best for you.

Broken Realm Upgrade MalacrisBroken Realm Upgrade MalacrisBroken Realm Upgrade Malacris

You also need to reach specific level requirements to forge the next tier of Malacris (level requirement goes up by 2 each time). Consider it an extra incentive to level. Once you reach the level VI Malacris, you'll need to start progressing it twice. What's worse, once you hit Malacris XI, it will take three progress attempts. Yep, more work, but very much worth it. Be wary, as the amounts to progress it constantly go up, as expected. Eventually, the Malacris will give you skills and great stat boosts, as well as a large increase in Battle Rating (it gives 191 Battle Rating at level IX). Meaning you get stronger, and stronger, and get the idea. So go forth, upgrade, level, and start making that Malacris shine!

Note: Malacris does not actually shine. It is, however, very nice to have

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