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By Jason Van Horn from

To me Brick-Force is what you'd get if you took Minecraft and mixed it with Call of Duty. Players have a blocky, military character that acts as their avatar of creation and destruction. You can't customize your character (or not in the preview I got to experience) but are instead given this figure to dress-up how you like by purchasing new clothing articles and weapons for them. Some items are mostly cosmetic in nature and that's it, but others can increase things like your Luck stat, help you carry more medic packs, hold more ammo, etc. The customizations in Brick-Force aren't free, however, as you must spend either in-game currency or real world money in order to rent the equipment out for a select number of days.

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Movement and combat should feel familiar to anyone who has ever played a FPS on the PC, as the WASD keys control movement, the number keys cycle through available weaponry, the left-mouse button shoots, the right-mouse button zooms in a sniper rifle, reload with the R-key, and you can press the spacebar to jump. Brick-Force features the same type of game modes that a number of other titles feature, including Team Deathmatch, Survival Mode (free-for-all), Blast Mode (kill all the members of the opposing team or either safely ignite or defuse a bomb depending no which team you're on), and Capture The Flag (grab the flag and bring it back to your base to score and win). Once again, pretty basic stuff, but what's there is solid stuff and if all you ever want to do is run around and shoot people with giant block heads in a near infinite array of maps then you'll find a lot to enjoy when it comes to Brick-Force.

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Brick-Force wasn't completely clear on how to register a map, as it kept saying that I didn't meet the requirements. It took a little perusing of the game's official site to figure out what needed to be done, and in order to make your map playable you have to place spawn points and things like flags and bomb points in order to make it open to a wide variety of game types. After I got everything setup and published it was time to sit back, hope my map got played, and to see if people would enjoy it.

I knew Brick-Force had a cool hook to keep people playing, but for me I thought I'd be sticking to the running and gunning and nothing more. I never would've thought going into my time with the game that I'd be having so much fun simply placing blocks and thinking about how one could go about making the perfect map for FPS fans everywhere. The game is currently in Closed Beta right now, so head on over to their website, submit an application, and maybe you'll be one of the lucky ones picked to get building your very own FPS map masterpiece.

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