Brick-Force Guide: Brick-Force, Intro to Shooter Mode Chapter3

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Here is a guide about the Brick-Force, Intro to Shooter mode in Brick-Force. Thank Anixian who posted it on Official Forum. If you have any problem about it, just check below:


Tip 1: The Basics

You know James Bond doesn't go and say "Hey guys! Whassup?".

Solid Snake doesn't sneak to find candy either.

In stealth, you must remain as silent and unnoticed as possible. If thats your goal.

In stealth, there should be a point, mission, first of all.

Are you planning a sneak attack on a sniper?
Trying to sneak out with the flag?
Or are you going to plant a bomb where no one would notice, nor catch you on the job?

In stealth, pick the most unused route in the game. (Sometimes with your Allies if your planning an ambush.)

Remain silent. Even if you see the enemy, doesn't mean he/she sees you. Neither should they...

If you see an enemy, if your plan is to kill someone special, then killing, or should I say attacking someone else while you don't have their attention isn't and
shouldn't be a idea. (Under regular circumstances.)

Avoid unnecessary combat.

Only kill if you have been discovered, or such.

Also, I'm going to mention this again, the SHIFT key not only perks up your aim, but also makes you have no footstep sounds!


Tip 2: Time

Sometimes you have to finish your mission as soon as possible.
Take the short cuts, tell your allies to stall your enemies, something.

At times, you need to finish the mission. As good, as possible.
Sometimes you need to take use of your time, and maintain effective till it ends.


Intermediate Tip: Taking out an enemy

Heres a scenario for an example.
You're going along, sneaking in, and your job is to surprise enemies. Even if it's suicide in the end.

Going along, then, you spot a sniper, not moving. Just aiming at your allies.

Time for an Surprise attack!

This moment, you must not get the attention of anyone else, nor must you get the attention of the sniper. Don't Forget about the SHIFT key's extra ability. No sound from footsteps!

Take this Sniper out in this Scenario, but heres the point.

If your mission there requires you to be loaded, try melee-ing, or get a headshot with your pistol against the sniper. He can't see you, and you're right behind him.



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Genre: Shooter
Status: Final
Time Units: Realtimes
Theme: Shooter
Graphic: 3D
Period: Fantasy
Fee: Buy ingame advantages
Developer:Infernum Productions AG



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