Brick-Force Guide: Brick-Force, Intro to Shooter Mode Chapter4

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Here is a guide about the Brick-Force, Intro to Shooter mode in Brick-Force. Thank Anixian who posted it on Official Forum. If you have any problem about it, just check below:


Tip 1: Speed

Did you think your pistol and your grenade use was just for battle?
Well it wasn't!

From any type of weapons, the Pistol and Grenade gives you more speed, due to it having maximum mobility.

So when your in a rush, you know you just have to pull out that Pistol. Or Grenade, what ever you'd like.
Although not as fast as the "Warpies" (Action Panel Item that gives you more speed.), it's as useful and efficient, also free.


Tip 2: Traversing

Climbing, leaping, anything to get to the other side, dodge the bullet, avoid the hole. Anything.

Know that a character in Brick-Force can jump 1.5~1.75 Blocks high. And about 2.3 Blocks forwards. Note that jumps don't alter/change speed, it can even make you slow sometimes.

Also if there is just a one block wide hole (1 x 1), you should know that you don't even have to jump in order to pass over it. So don't waste you time and speed jumping, just walk over it.


Intermediate Tip: Teamwork

When trying to get to the top, you always need a hand, or a head.

In Brick-Force, characters can jump on both enemies and teammates heads.
When trying to reach a tough place to get onto, that's where your team comes in.

You can use each other to get up to heights that you'd normally would never reach. Note that if theres even more then two people, there still has to be one guy who has to stay down.

You can use this to reach hidden routes, plant a bomb where players would even guess (The top?) , nor reach normally. Why not even surprise the enemy this way?



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Genre: Shooter
Status: Final
Time Units: Realtimes
Theme: Shooter
Graphic: 3D
Period: Fantasy
Fee: Buy ingame advantages
Developer:Infernum Productions AG



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