Brick-Force Guide: Brick-Force, Intro to Shooter Mode Chapter5

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Here is a guide about the Brick-Force, Intro to Shooter mode in Brick-Force. Thank Anixian who posted it on Official Forum. If you have any problem about it, just check below:


Tip 1: Currencies

There are three different currencies in-game.

Force Points Points: Regular Points earned by battles. Used to buy Weapons/Items Directly

Brick Points: Earned by map downloads. (You can set a price to your map while registering it.) Used for the Treasure chest.

Tokens: Bought with real life money. Note that Everything costs the 1/4 - 1/5 rate of the price on items bought with Force Points points.


Tip 2: YOUR Economy

A guy buys a total of stuff that costs 1,600 Force Points points for example.

In order to raise or balance your economy, you must earn, as much, or more than you spend.

Remember this motto: "Earn more, than you spend."

If you don't you will slowly drain your money and end up with money that'll get you nothing. (Or nothing you personally don't need.)


Tip 3: Planning Purchases

When you going to buy a weapon for example, how long are you going to have it for? How long are you going to play today?

Sometimes you just need to think before buying. (You always have to.)
Buying a 7-Day Item wouldn't make sense if your just going to play for Five minutes.

In short, get what you need for the day, or remaining time. Sometimes don't get anything. But that is your choice!



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Genre: Shooter
Status: Final
Time Units: Realtimes
Theme: Shooter
Graphic: 3D
Period: Fantasy
Fee: Buy ingame advantages
Developer:Infernum Productions AG



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