Brick-Force Guide: Brick-Force, Intro to Shooter Mode Chapter2

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Here is a guide about the Brick-Force, Intro to Shooter mode in Brick-Force. Thank Anixian who posted it on Official Forum. If you have any problem about it, just check below:


Tip 1: Move/ "Dance"

In any FPS game, you will have to come face-to-face to your enemy.

He/She's going to want to press the trigger as much you would want to too.

And in the end, you will at the same time.

In-game, you must take as much less deaths, and damage.

In order to not or to take as minimum damage as possible, do this:

A, Aim for the person who's after you, don't switch targets if you can beat him. Note that a Love Kill can beat a Sacrifice kill. Since it may lead up to a Double kill.

--NOTE: Love Kills are Kills that happen when both players kill each other the same time, as for Sacrifice Kills, don't get confused with Kamikaze's.
Sacrifice Kills are obtained by shooting another enemy and killing them, while knowing an enemy is shooting you and you have no escape.

B, Shoot the enemy, while He/She is shooting at you, move and jump side to side. However don't always keep the same Left-Right-Left-Right Tempo.
Switch to diagonal movement, forwards or backwards. --What ever it takes to beat your enemy without barely any damage or any deaths.


Tip 2: In trouble!?

When out-numbered /ambushed, you know Grenades might not always be the best idea, directly.
Sometimes, it's OK to retreat. Fall back.

Take the route that'll most confuse the enemy, many twists and turns if possible. Sometimes use your Allies spawn shield.

As for being ambushed in the enemy spawn... you know not much anything good will happen if you get stuck in a corner.


Intermediate Tip: Suicide Bomb

Sometimes, you have to accept it that your dead. Funny I know.

But, heres a tip: Don't go out, with out a bang! Be a sun!

When your ambushed, and no chance of survival, Pull out that grenade, hold it till it goes boom!
But of course, do this while next to an enemy or group of enemies.
-Advised by AznDragonX



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Genre: Shooter
Status: Final
Time Units: Realtimes
Theme: Shooter
Graphic: 3D
Period: Fantasy
Fee: Buy ingame advantages
Developer:Infernum Productions AG



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