Brick-Force: Closed Beta FAQ

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How do I sign up for the Brick-Force beta?

Go to and complete the registration form.

I have received a key for the Brick-Force beta. How can I use it?

You can redeem a Brick-Force beta key on the following page:

When will I get access to Brick-Force?

Those who are lucky enough to have got a beta key will be able to play on the 28th February, when closed beta launches. We will grant closed beta access to registered players in several waves of e-mail invites over the upcoming weeks. The good news is that if you registered before the 28th February you are guaranteed the golden B helmet and will definitely get to play before open beta begins.

What are the minimum system specs requirements for Brick-Force?

At the time of writing, the system requirements have not been finalized.

What is my login username and password?

Your Brick-Force login is the e-mail address you used for registration, and the password is the one that you created when registering too.

Can I test Brick-Force on other operating systems, such as Linux or Mac, or my smartphone or tablet?

We plan to launch the browser version around the same time that open beta begins. Smartphone and tablet functionality is further down the line and we’ll reveal more information on this in the near future. The Mac and Linux version will be available afterwards.

How are beta testers who registered on the website selected?

This is decided by our development team and for the most part will be random selection.

How will I know if I've been selected to participate in the Brick-Force Beta?

You will receive an e-mail which will confirm that you've been accepted and provide instructions on how to proceed.

What languages will the Brick-Force Beta be available in?

English, German, French, Turkish, Polish, Spanish.

Will my characters from the closed beta be saved on the server?

All characters from the closed beta will be wiped from the servers before the open beta begins. Characters you created from the open beta onwards will be permanent.

Will the maps I create during the Brick-Force closed beta event be saved for when the open beta begins?

We will reveal more information about map saving once we have more details about the new client versions.

Will the beta test servers be open 24/7, or will you have specific periods for testing?

More details will be provided on our website over the coming weeks.

How do I submit bug reports and feedback?

Bug reports and feedback can be posted on our official forums, which will launch in several weeks time. Until then, we recommend sending a Tweet or direct message on Twitter to @Brick_Force.

Do I need to sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) to participate?

No. Participants are not required to sign an NDA and are welcome to record footage, take screenshots and tell their friends about the game.

When will you fix issue X? How long until bug Y is solved?

Please note that Brick-Force is currently still in the beta phase. This means that not all functions are working flawlessly just yet. Additionally, it’s possible that display errors or irregularities in wording might appear due to translation.

We are constantly working with the developers on fixing the existing bugs and we strive to optimize Brick-Force constantly.

If you notice anything that could be improved, why not send us a tweet? We thank you for your understanding and the support in turning Brick-Force into a unique and awesome game.

How do I contact Customer Support?

Because we are in a testing phase for Brick-Force, customer support is currently unavailable. We are monitoring all our social media, so we would advise everyone to post on our Facebook wall or contact us on Twitter if you have questions or are experiencing any problems.



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