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Here is a guide about the Brick-Force, Intro to Shooter mode in Brick-Force. Thank Anixian who posted it on Official Forum. If you have any problem about it, just check below:


Tip 1: Aim

Brick-Force throws you into the classic FPS gameplay, you, your eyes, and your gun. Note that you can't aim with guns except with Sniper Rifles.

Meaning that it would be seem you're Hip-Firing. (Shooting without aiming steady.)

When shooting, your cross-hair will jump and expand (Due to recoil). in all FPS's, the bigger the cross-hair, the lesser accuracy.

Accuracy really effects your aim, no mater how powerful your aim is. No aim, no power.

Now to get to the point, how can I "aim" better in Brick-Force?

Not so hard. Just press the SHIFT key while shooting. This will reduce about half of the recoil, and gain you a much better accuracy. Just aim the target after that.

However, note that using the SHIFT key shall reduce your speed. It will also cause you to make no sound while walking.


Tip 2: Aim for the Brain

Headshots, or known as "BrickShots" in Brick-Force, kills the foe in one hit (Well Multiplies damage given.), regardless of weapon. However, BrickShots kills aren't obtained by luck.

Aim for the Brain, between the eyebrows while shooting. Regardless of position, you can also hit the side-middle or top-middle of the head to earn one.

So aiming for the head, means more damage!

Tip 3: Shooting Enemies

Shooting may be nice, but at times, you must choose your targets, one by one.

If an enemy is right next to you, and, well, trying to shoot you. Don't aim at another enemy. Take Him/Her down first, then resume shooter.

Tip 4: Stance

When you stop to shoot, check where you are.

What is the place around you like? A " T "? A Line/Path? Or an openly wide area? When your moving around shooting, be aware of where enemies may pop up to surprise you.

Note that in T shaped roads, don't stand in the middle of it. Although you might want to go forward, you have to be careful for your sides. As for open areas, try to find the best cover for yourself.


Tip 5: About Reloading

When your mag (Cartridge containing bullets for the gun.) runs out of ammo, you know you need to reload. However there are times to and not to reload.

For example, while face to face to an enemy, your main weapons ammo runs out. What do you think you need to do? You use your pistol/secondary gun. It ain't there for fun.

When out of ammo, switch to your pistol and blast that guy to kingdom-come!

Notice, try your best to not reload in the middle of the road, or go on forwards where an enemy may randomly pop up. Find a safe place to do it. Even stop if necessary.

Tip 6: Spawn Shields

Spawn shields pop up when you die. There main use for protecting you from an enemy who's taking advantage of your spawn placement.

With the spawn shield, you can do a Kamikaze without dying (If you get the timing correct.). Also, if your grenade explodes, if you shoot or use your melee weapon, your spawn shield shall disappear..

Also, Note that when you die the respawn time (Not shield.) lasts 5 seconds, and 3 seconds on a premium account.

Intermediate Tip: Clicking

Now, with most FPS, this has this thing:

You don't and hold the shoot button (Left Click).

You keep on clicking. Basically "spamming" your finger on it. Doing it this way shall give you less recoil and more accuracy.

And also, while shooting. Make sure the targets down. And when he/she is, stop shooting.
-Advised by Timcampy

Intermediate Tip: Opportunity

Always look for the best opportunity.

When your enemy's back is turned, shoot him' and take him out immediately.

Just take out him first if anyone else is around. No other enemy matters until you kill him. -Advised by AznDragonX

Intermediate Tip: Sniping, and after Sniping

Move after every sniper shot.

Shoot and hide, and run for cover. Never stand still while shooting. Since you will be an easy target.

Switch weapons after every shot for a faster fire rate. (Like: Shoot -> Switch to Pistol-> Switch to Sniper Back)

Scroll the mouse wheel down then up to switch weapons fast.
-Advised by AznDragonX





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