Blood and Jade Preview

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Blood and Jade

Two centuries before the first millennium, the Middle Kingdom is racked by turmoil. The Seven Warring States are locked in a fierce struggle for dominance as the Eastern Zhou Dynasty sits on the brink of collapse. As the Kingdom descends into darkness, noble lords, daring generals, and wise sages light the way to the future. But whose ambition will outshine the rest? Join the extraordinary world of Blood and Jade and discover your destiny!

From humble origins, your hero will quickly master the secrets of combat and strategy with tenacity, talent, the aid of your Goddess companions, and the strength of your trusty Mount. A cast of dynamic characters drives the action; friendships will fall, rivals will become unlikely allies, and conspirators lurk in every shadow. Uncover the secrets of the Warring States, navigate the treacherous waters of feudal politics, gather sacred relics of a lost dynasty, and embrace your destiny to become a living legend.

Your enemies will stop at nothing to defeat you. Show your warrior's spirit by enchanting your weapons, evolving your Mount, and focusing your Chi to unlock long-lost combat techniques. Unravel the mysteries of diplomacy and gather the mighty Goddesses to your cause. Take on challenging Events, epic Quests, and elite Bosses solo, with friends, or as a mighty Guild. Test your strength against wandering players, raise your Guild Flag for all to see in Turf War, and destroy all challengers to earn the greatest treasure of all: the Imperial Seal, emblem of the Emperor. Immerse yourself in the historical fantasy of Blood and Jade and unify ancient China!

Key features:

  1. Rise from humble beginnings to become a fearsome general
  2. Massive real-time battles with kung fu flair
  3. Ride to victory with the aid of the graceful Goddesses
  4. Compete in brutal Guild matches to earn the legendary Imperial Seal
  5. Beautiful graphics offer a glimpse into a bygone age
  6. An epic storyline that charts the rise of the Qin Dynasty of Ancient China
  7. A cast of characters drawn from history and myth

More information and updates can be found on the official Blood & Jade website:



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