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Players level 30 or above in a server that is more than three days old can get married. As in ancient times, only male characters can propose to female characters. In order to propose, click on the desired female character, click the "Action" button and then select "Propose" from the drop-down menu. You may also propose via the "Propose" button in the bottom part of the panel when looking at a player’s information or via the Friend list by clicking on the character’s avatar.

Proposal and Wedding Ring
When a male character proposes to an unmarried woman, a screen will pop up which will allow him to view or exchange Wedding Rings. Each wedding ring will provide different stat and skill bonuses. After clicking the Propose button, an invitation is sent to the female character. A proposal icon will appear on the left side of her screen where she can choose to either accept or reject the proposal.

Couple Skills
Upon successfully marrying someone, the husband and wife will receive several new skills:

  • To the Rescue!: By consuming all of your MP you can use an incredible attack that deals damage equal to your Max PM x2 to all enemies attacking your spouse. (Damage can only be blocked by the Hierophant’s invincibility skill.)
  • Protect: All your spouses’ buffs are extended by 1 hour. If your spouse dies during this time, they are immediately resurrected with a certain amount of HP restored.
  • Lovebirds: Hit CTRL + ALT to teleport to your beloved’s side.
  • Two as One: When one person uses a potion, the other half of the couple receives part of the benefit.
  • Together Forever: When husband and wife are in the same Party on the same Map, they get a 30% EXP bonus and 30% EXP and Chi meditation bonus.

Note: Relationship status and information can be viewed in the Party menu. You can also send your spouse a whisper.

The Wedding
During the Wedding the couple can receive Red Envelopes. Marriages are happy occasions with banquets and fireworks. If you wish to attend a Wedding Feast, you must give the bride and groom a Red Envelope, otherwise you can’t get in. After the marriage, the man can select a Wedding Feast. There are 3 kinds of Feasts available:

  • Normal Wedding Feast: Gives a large amount of EXP and Chi.
  • Wealthy Wedding Feast: Chi and EXP increased from the Normal Wedding; the Lucky Cat comes to join in the fun! Hit the Lucky Cat for prizes.
  • Extravagant Wedding Feast: Chi and EXP increased from the Wealthy Wedding; the Lucky Cat comes to join in the fun! Hit the Lucky Cat for prizes.

Wedding Feasts are held in Imperial City only 5 times a day. Players can participate from 20:00-21:00. On the day of the Wedding Feast, the bride and groom must go to the Imperial City. There they will put on traditional red clothing. While wearing formal clothing, they cannot leap or ride their mount.

It is the duty of the bride and groom to greet their guests, so they cannot take part in the feast. As the guests eat, the coup



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