Blood & Jade Guide: Hotkeys

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This post will show you all about the hotkeys in Blood & Jade.

Character (Hotkey: C)

View your character’s equipment, mount, enchantments and much more.


AFK Mode (Hotkey: Ctrl + A)


Start AFK Mode (Hotkey: A)

Jump into AFK Mode and start grinding by killing nearby monsters


Inventory (Hotkey: B)

View your character’s inventory and have instant access to the Vault and Store.


Pets (Hotkey: P)

View, manage and upgrade your pets to boost your character’s attributes.


Quests (Hotkey: L)

Complete quests to receive experience, Gold and Chi.


Skills (Hotkey: S)

With up to 10 active skills to choose from, you have more than enough ways to take down your enemies.


Party (Hotkey: T)

Create, invite and find parties to take on new challenges and dungeons. Receive an additional 10% EXP and 2% for

every member joining your party.


Friends (Hotkey: F)

Add players to your friendlist and blacklist with a simple click.


Guild (Hotkey: G)

Create and join guilds to tackle on new challenges and events.


Shop (Hotkey: K)

Purchase a variety of items in the Item Shop to increase your character’s power.


Mount/Dismount (Hotkey: X)


Jump (Hotkey: Space)
Jump atop buildings and leap from enemies using this unique skill.​



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