Blood & Jade Guide: Goddesses

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The Goddesses are extraordinary women of the Warring States era that enter the character's life at various intervals of the adventure as indispensable aid and companion.

Goddess Recruitmen

Upon entering the game, you will be joined by Lady Sang after completing an early quest. Use hotkey P to open the Goddess interface. Other Goddesses will require you to complete various quests, events, or grow in power. The higher your rank, the more likely a powerful Goddess will join you.

Goddess Stats, Bonding, and Commune

Goddess level and stats rise in conjunction with the Character. Goddesses joining the player later in the game become increasingly more powerful and can permanently increase Character stats. Daily Bonding numbers are limited, so do not waste your chance to grow in power. When the daily Bond limit is reached, use the Commune function to continue permanently boosting Character stats.

Goddess in Battle

When Goddess enters battle with a Character, the Goddess interface will display that she’s in battle to the left of her icon. Goddesses can only be switched to when she has full HP; a resting Goddess’ HP recovers on its own until she’s ready to battle once more.

Goddess Abilities

Each Goddess possesses extraordinary abilities which can aid the player in battle and cut down enemies where they stand. As you meet more Goddesses with more skills, it is important to use the right one at the right time. Some are more adept at supplying support while others can cause great damage in battle. Goddess will not act when unprovoked and only unleash their skills when the character attacks or is attacked. Monsters will not attack the Goddesses on your journey.

During PK, a Goddess can be overwhelmed. Goddess HP is relatively low, if they die in battle, you lose a valuable ally. During PK, defeat your opponent’s Goddess to weaken them considerably.



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