Blood & Jade System Guide: Forge - Enchantment

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It is said that there are no shortcuts to making good steel in Blood & Jade. This is the same for your equipment. Invest time, effort and resources into them, and they'll become formidable tools of war.

The stats of a fully enchanted piece of equipment (i.e. +10, or 10 stars in the enchant panel) will be about 3x that of the original. To enchant a piece of equipment, select the Enchant tab in the Character panel. Next, select the piece of equipment you wish to enchant and place it in the furnace. You may only enchant equipment which you are currently able to equip.

Enchantment requires Enchant Stones and Copper and takes time. Only one piece of equipment may be enchanted at a time. You can see the stat bonus given by the next enchantment level on the right side of the panel.

A +10 piece of equipment which is unbound will remain unbound when you unequip it for the first time (assuming it was unbound when you obtained it originally). However, once you re-equip it, it will become bound. A confirmation will pop-up when you try to re-equip the item.

Enchantment Details

  • The max enchant level is 10.
  • Enchantment takes time, so you're limited to enchanting equipment one at a time. You'll only know whether it's a success or failure after the time passes.
  • You cannot unequip equipment which is being enchanted and will still benefit from its stat bonuses while it is being enchanted.
  • +1 to +3: no failure penalty; +4 to +6: failing will reduce enchant level by 1; +7 to +9: failure causes massive penalty. However, you'll get EXP Pills as compensation for failure penalties.
  • When you equip a full set to +7 or above, you'll gain extra stat bonuses. If all pieces of equipment are legendary, you will gain even greater stat bonuses.

Equipment Rarity and Stat Bonuses

Equipment Rarities are color-coded as follows, in ascending order: Common (White), Uncommon (Yellow), Rare (Green), Epic (Blue), Legendary (Purple).

  • Common equipment may have up to 1 stat bonus of the best quality.
  • Uncommon equipment may have up to 3 stat bonuses of the best quality.
  • Rare equipment may have up to 4 stat bonuses of the best quality.
  • Epic equipment may have up to 5 stat bonuses of the best quality.
  • Legendary equipment may have up to 6 stat bonuses of the best quality.

Note: You may obtain legendary equipment from BOSSES, Dungeons and the Blessed Tree.



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