Blood & Jade Guide: Blessed Tree

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Unlocked at level 10, the Blessed Tree offers a variety of great rewards. There are a total of eight available fruits that may be grown. Six are quite ordinary, whereas two are special Kiwis. Fruits go through multiple stages of development. Ordinary fruits mature quickly, whereas the special Kiwis ripen very slowly, however will offer even greater rewards. Check below to see some of the available fruits and their rewards.

Loquat – Harvest for Chi
Cliff Longyan – Harvest for special equipment
Snow Currant – Harvest for EXP
Charmed Biloba – Harvest for Copper
Silver Kiwi – Harvest for better rewards than ordinary fruits
Golden Wiki – Harvest for high-level equipment or Item Shop items

You may use Heavenly Essence every 10 minutes to mature ordinary fruits more quickly. You may only use. Heavenly Essence ten times a day. You may also spend Gold to further ripen your special Kiwis more quickly.



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