BC Wars Guide: Basic Strategy

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BC Wars

This is the official in-game help of BC Wars. It explains the basic strategy that you could follow in the BC Wars.

For those who don't know BC Wars yet, BC Wars is a gaming experience in the prehistoric world. Start out as a regular caveman who minds his own business picking berries and hunting for food. Become a legend throughout time as you battle other neanderthals, wrangle dinosaurs, and build up your cave.

Game Guide: Basic Strategy

From in-game help

There are limitless ways of playing BC Wars, so it is all up to your personal style and how you think you can best go about earning the most clams. It is important to keep in mind the fact that all clams in the game are worth real money. This means that it won't be easy to gain clams like it may be easy to gain virtual currency in other games, because we would go broke very quickly paying out clam withdrawals. However, this definitely isn't a bad thing as it presents a fun and challenging environment where it is very possible to earn real money while playing the game.

When you are first starting out it is a good idea to experiment with your skill stats (attack, defense, speed, etc). You can reset them for free from the main page until you are level 5, so the faster you work our your initial strategy the better. You can take the route of the gatherer, the hunter, the crafter, etc. Your stats will determine the main path that you take in order to earn clams and advance in the game. There is no best method and any number of paths can lead to success. Be sure to be smart with your shop, found in the Market, as this is where you will make the most of your profit by selling items that you find, create, or win.

For more ideas be sure to speak up in the main chat or forums and there are plenty that will be glad to give you their personal advice.

Here is Review of BC Wars

Here is Review of BC Wars

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