Battlestar Galactica Online: Beginner's Guide

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Battlestar Galactica Online

Battlestar Galactica Online, a free-to-play, browser-based MMO by BigPoint. Wanna immerse yourself within the exciting universe of the hit re-imagined series from Syfy? Then this game is just the one for you. Here is a beginner's guide of this game we collected from Official Forum. If you wanna learn about this game, then you can't miss it.

Choosing your server:

The game will automatically pick an optimal server for you based on your geographic location. You can however select a different server if you choose but be aware if you're in Europe and pick a US server or visa versa lag might be a factor.

Choosing your faction:

Choosing faction is mostly a matter of role-playing preference as both factions have similar ships and equipment. One other factor is sector control. Depending on what universe you select to play on the balance of owned sectors may be favored to one faction or the other. You can't see the current sector map until you begin playing but you can inquire in the forums.

Note: At the moment, as Cylons are outnumbered on many servers choosing Cylon may grant your player a 50% exp bonus for your first five days. If so, there will be a message stating this on the faction choice screen.

Getting Started:

The game starts out with a tutorial mission. It is recommended for first-time players and covers the basics of gameplay, interaction, movement, combat and mining. However, if you wish to skip the tutorial you can simply press skip in the top right corner of the screen.

Note: At any time you need help during the game you can click on the Help icon in the upper right of the screen or check out the online forums.

Battlestar Galactica Online Screenshot

Basic Movement & Combat: (this is covered in the tutorial)

Select a target: (on nav screen) Use left click to select a target which can be another player, an outpost, an asteroid, an npc, etc.

Arming your weapons: (on nav screen) You can toggle your weapons on/off with 'G' (default key) or by clicking on them on-screen. When your guns are active they will appear lit up. Missiles will light up when they are in firing range of a valid target.

If you have multiple types of ammunition you can select which ammo you want to use for guns or missiles by right clicking on the weapon icon on your nav screen and then selecting which ammo you wish to use from a dropdown.

If you have an auto-pilot module installed, selecting a target and then right-clicking the target once will cause your ship to turn towards the target automatically.

WASD is used for standard movement controls. By default W is up, S is down, i.e. standard flight controls. S and D are used to roll left and right.

Your DRADIS and You: (this is covered in the tutorial)

The DRADIS represents your ship's radar, navigation and computer and is locating at the bottom center of the nav screen.

On the left the globe icon gives you access to the sector/universe map from which you can use FTL (faster than light) drive to travel quickly from sector to sector.

FTL drive is the only way to get from one sector to another. You cannot currently simply fly from one sector through to another.

Your position is marked on the universe map with a large circle. You can jump to any other sector that is inside that highlighted circle by left-clicking on it then selecting [JUMP] beneath the sector's description. The description includes information such as the Tylium (fuel) cost of jumping from your current sector to that sector.

Below it the grid map icon gives you access to your current system's map. This shows you resources, (asteroids usually present themselves as dots formed in large rings on a system map) enemies, other players, etc.

You can use your system map to select targets as well, like you can on the nav screen.

The bar on the left of the DRADIS represents your fuel level. When you have 20,000 tylium or more the bar will register as full.

The center circle is your ship's radar and will show you hostiles, friendlies, etc. within your radar's range.

Press and hold Space Bar (default) to engage thrusters. Alternatively, you can toggle your thruster on/off by pressing the thruster icon (the large triangle on the lower right of your DRADIS).

Below your radar are three target circles. The blue target icon will auto-target the nearest friendly. The red target icon will auto-target the nearest friendly icon. The center target icon will cancel your current target. Z (default) targets nearest missile and X (default) targets nearest enemy.

To the right of your radar is your thruster bar. To move forward you can drag the throttle bar up or down with left click to increase/decrease speed. Alternatively, you can press Q (default) to bring your throttle to full stop or E (default) to bring it to max.

Once you have completed the tutorial or skipped it you can create your character. Choose your name carefully as you cannot change it.

You can customize your character's appearance and gender as well. Pick them carefully as well. At the moment, you can not change your character's appearance or gender.

You can also select your starting ship from two ships, an interceptor class ship or a command class ship. The command ship isn't as fast but has more slots for computer modules.

Personally, I highly recommend starting out with the interceptor class ship as it's speed, avoidance and turning will prove highly versatile during your first 10 levels before you're able to unlock and purchase new ships.

At level 10 and 20 respectively you unlock access to purchasing higher class ships.

After character creation you start out at your faction's home ship the Galactica (Colonial), Sector Alpha Ceti or Basestar (Cylon), Sector 252 Appolid respectively.

Here you can obtain missions from NPCs in the CIC, Rec Room and Hangar. You can also access the Store, Ship Installing & Upgrading and Ship selection (if you have more than one ship).

To purchase a new ship you will have to go to another sector. If you talk to the hangar technician and select [Buy and Upgrade ships] you have the option of quickly warping to the system where you can buy new ships at.

Note: There is only a quick warp (convoy) option to get there not to get back.

Battlestar Galactica Online Screenshot

Death and Taxes:

When you die your ship and ship equipment will suffer a certain amount of durability damage. Generally, lower level equipment has low repair costs and higher level equipment has higher repair costs.

If your ship drops below 20% durability you will suffer penalties until it's repaired. If a piece of equipment drops to 0% it cannot be used until repaired.

There is no XP or skill loss. At death you will be presented with the option to respawn in the current sector and/or the nearest friendly controlled sector. You will respawn docked on a friendly outpost if present.

Also, any asteroids you have previously scanned will no longer be highlighted once you undock or re-enter the sector you died in.

At the moment, if you die during the tutorial or during a story mission you will have to refresh your browser to respawn. This is assumed to be due to a current bug.


First off, it is important to know there is no limit on how much your ship can carry. So don't worry if you have a lot of a fuel or something else.

Items such as equipment can be purchased from the fleet store at any friendly outpost or base in the game.

There are 4 main resources in this game. They are Cubits (credits), Tylium (fuel), Titanium (Salvage/used for ship repairs), Water (high value salvage).

Cubits are the game's premium currency. Cubits can be obtained from loot drops, completing missions or by purchasing with real money. Some items and ships can only be purchased with cubits.

Tylium serves not only as your ship's fuel but currency as well. Tylium can be obtained from mining. When you have at least 20,000 units of Tylium the fuel bar on your ship's DRADIS will show as full.

Since Tylium serves as credits and a fuel source you should make sure when making purchases you leave yourself with some spare Tylium, at least 5000 units. Tylium can be purchased for 0.1 cubits per unit.

Titanium is a resource used in ship repairs. You can repair your ship at any outpost.

Repairing your ship and ship's equipment will cost varying amounts of Titanium depending on how much durability damage your ship and it's parts have taken.

Titanium can be bought at the fleet store and can also be salvaged at the fleet store. It is recommended though that you hang on to any Titanium you find. Titanium can be bought from the fleet store for 0.5 cubits per unit. Titanium can be sold to the fleet store for 2.5 Tylium per unit.

Water is a high value resource that can be obtained from mining. Currently, water has no other use than as high value salvage. It is the most valuable resource you can mine. Water can be sold to the fleet store for 10 Tylium per unit.

Some missions require you to mine and turn in a certain amount of a resource. Make sure you don't sell it before turning in your mission!

Some items available in the fleet stores may cost cubits, tylium or a combination of cubits and tylium.

Salvage items are a sub-resource in the game that are obtained from loot drops. Salvage items have low, moderate or high value. Their only purpose is to be sold to the fleet store for varying amounts of tylium. You should sell these items right away as there is no need to hold on to them.

It has been rumored that in the future salvage items may have a purpose in a crafting system but as of now this has not been implemented nor officially announced.

Battlestar Galactica Online Screenshot


The items available from the fleet store are broken up into 7 categories: Weapons, Hull, Engine, Computer, Ammo, Resource, Booster

To install these items on your ship you must have an available slot and you must talk to a Hangar Technician or an Outpost Quartermaster. When the Fleet Store interface is open you can uninstall, install and switch out your ship's equipment. You can only do this from the fleet store screen.


When buying weapons make sure you purchase the type the corresponds to your ship's weapons slot, i.e. light, medium and heavy. Weapons generally have 3 types: General purpose, Short Range and Long Range.



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