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Battle Dawn

Battle Dawn is a game based on STRATEGY, community and skill. Your goal is to ultimately become the strongest leader on earth, supreme to all others. You must learn to use diplomacy, resources and military to aid in your quest for ultimate power. So, below is a guide from the official forum which was made by Stinkypuff. It covers both the strategy in the early days of the game and that in the latter days.  Check below:

Strategy Guide of Battle Dawn

By Stinkypuff in the official forum

The Early Game

This is where it's at and if you get a good start you should (if diplomacy allows) take it all the way home. Initially of course its always food/metal production buildings until tick 120. Oil is useless unless you have lots of men to move around. At tick 120 start to build your military buildings as you will come out of protection soon, but most importantly the people surrounding you will! It's not crystals that are important early ,its conquers. Ranged units here are the key. Simply 10 snipers here will pay for themselves in no time at all. Go for the guys with units in their base with your snipers. XP builds up very quickly when your only using 1 squad. People who see the attack coming will more often than not go ahead and rush out some units. Normally it will be just armoured men as they are expecting the same from you at this stage. Your snipers will make short work of them and grab some more XP.

At this time you will start to receive your first diplomatic requests. Deny them all! You don't want anyone else taking your conquers.

Conquering alliances normally takes teamwork but they are normally a pushover. Unless of course they are doing the same thing you are!

At the same time your sending your snipers about, create as 5 spam units. Armoured rifle men here are perfect. These spam units are for the guys without any defence. You don't want to send your snipers in when they could be on route to another enemy. Of course this is applicable if the guy your attacking has nothing. Within 100 ticks you should start to see your income almost double.

Now its time for oil. Your oil reserves are probably getting low by now. With your extra taxation create the much needed oil production buildings. Maybe move into jeeps with arms that best deal with the enemy is using. I like to keep a good mix personally but if your going after someone in particular who uses a lot of a particular type of unit build your units accordingly.

Once conquering an area build a barracks there. Maybe one for 5-10 conquers. This is important! Move your army away from that area and onto the next collection of colonies that look like an easy area to conquer. Any new unit created at your base you should send to your new barracks until it has enough men to handle any rebellion. I'd say 5 units per conquer your looking after. If your looking after 10 conquers then 50 units. In the meantime your army should be at its destination and you should start conquering the next 10 tax payers. Keep repeating this until you have a decent income of 30 conquers. If your barracks is a fair distance away from home create a training base but normally its not worth it as your? only creating maybe 5 squads and they are just going to sit there.

Now comes the crystal chasing. People will start to get their level 4 buildings and its time to go crystal hunting. I don't mean after guys with lots of crystals just your conquers or other conquered colonies that will be an easy grab. Keep a close eye on them as a lot of people don't bother rechecking their conquer. With your men in place at the barracks its an easy task to grab these crystals. If your conquers all develop level 4 metal you should grab close to 30 crystals. Give or take what people steal from your conquers and what you steal from their conquers.

Diplomacy time! Any alliance that has fought well or seem like good guys, start to get some diplomacy happening. They are never going to get as far ahead as you as you have most of them conquered. Allies are useful when you are up against a few alliances working together to take what you have earned. If they are stubborn relocate them to the other side of the world for someone else to deal with.

Treat your new allies well. Tell them who you are allied with so they don't bicker between themselves. Get all your new friends on the same page. If they are having a small war go an help them out with it. This will pay for itself in the long run when you need help.

By this time relics are about to be released.Set up little OP's with spam units all around the coast. These spam units are to retrieve relics.? Your uits will be a long way from home and are hard to hang onto but its not like you care about losing a unit here and there especially if there is a chance to get a relic out of it.

You should all start pumping out an army to go and grab relics from alliances who get them. Initially the relics will go to smaller less organised alliances that were in the right place at the right time. These are the ones you are looking for. A good indication of if they can look after their relic is the amount of crystals they had before they got the relic. If you see an alliance with virtually no crystals and a relic. It's easy to say they will not be holding it for long.A quick grab and straight onto the next. BBS this round didn't have any luck with coastal relic recovery. We took them all this way. Headed to the next alliance that looked like they couldn't hold their relic and went for it.

Eventually this relic havoc period will be over and everything will start to settle. With more dominant alliances holding onto all the 10 relics.
This is where the late game guide comes into play.

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The strategy for the late game on next page>>



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