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Battle of Three Kingdom is the new Strategy Web game, released by world renowned game publisher GoPlayPlay, based from the historical accounts from the period of the Three Kingdoms to the late Han Dynasty.

Many other browser-based web games offered the theme of Battle of Three Kingdoms or the Romance of the Three Kingdoms. But what makes Bo3K standout from all of them? Here are some of its features that make GoPlayPlay's Battle of Three Kingdom more exciting to play than its predecessors.

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It features a comprehensive UI and HUD which makes toggling over activities a lot easier. Also, have animated notifications to quickly alert of any improvements or warning to your game.

You can choose from a wide variety of over 300+ Generals to command your armies throughout the lands of Bo3K. Included are some of the most renowned heroes from the Romance of Three Kingdoms whom are the virtuous Liu Bei, the villainous Cao Cao and the mighty Guan Yu that rise to the call of allegiance for you.

Unlike other games wherein you can use one mount at a time or one per character, Bo3K introduces a unique mount system. All the Generals of your armies can have its own mount that increases stats for your Generals which further strengthen your troops.

Battle of Three Kingdom Screenshot

Establishing cities on the map can help you gain vital resources and strategic deployment of troops. For instance, Building your city over several terrain would increase resource production such as Fields and Lakes gives bonus food, over the forest gives bonus wood, mountains gives bonus iron and the desert gives bonus gold. Placing your city within regions with enemy troop concentration will allow you to send waves and waves of attack raiding NPCs for additional resources and fame. It's all about being there at a heartbeat.

Bo3K also has its Fame based ranking system while you progress further to the game. Your fame is the accumulated from upgrading buildings, completing quests and participating in coop mission. It is also increased by achieving victory from every attack on your enemy legion's territories. Attain higher Fame ranks give additional resources and bonus items.

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