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Battle Dawn

By w00t in the Official Forum

Battle Dawn is a strategy game, that means the tactics are important in game. Wanna be a victor in the battlefield? If so, then this guide is just the thing for you.

[Tactic 1] No Gate, No Strength

Alright let's say 1 of the top 15 alliances are your enemies. Your alliance is number 42. So first get all of your alliance to send spies towards the enemy. Wait a few ticks till you get enough to weaken your enemy from the inside using the spy. (This may take awhile so I suggest you build all your necessary structures.)

So after you have enough infiltration ticks find all the enemy outpost and gates that pose a threat. So I suggest you jam them first and jam the enemy so they wont be able to detect the attack. I call this Silent, but Deadly. So once all OPs and Gates are eliminated near your location get your alliance to jam the whole enemy alliance. Then while they are jammed get your alliance to build 2 OPs. One near your colony and one behind the enemy, cuz you know eveyrhting behind the enmy is conquered and they wont bother to look there. So after 24 ticks turn your 2 OPs into gates.

Then tell your alliance to teleport their squads to their gates. (If some of your alliance members have missile silos use them. Use them as a distraction so they waste their energy and cant ion cannon your squads.)

Remmeber the spy you put in them? Use them now. Weaken them from the inside. Destroy their oil so they wont be able to build anymore dmg and range vehicles. Then if you have any infiltration ticks left use them up by reducing their army's hp by 50%. This will benefit you in the long run. The jam the enemy and full scale invasion.(Save up your army though. 30 units wont be enough. Send atleast 5 Frontline Armor units like tanks, 5 Power Damage Units, and 5 Range Units. Each squad will only hold 10 tanks and 15 vehicles. So the best units you should invest in is beam vehicle and tanks and also explosive vechicles and tanks.) Then if it is done right you will succeed.

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[Tactic 2] Distraction is For Losers!

Alright, for this tactic you'll need some missile silos. This will resemble almost like No Gates, No Strength, but a little different.

Again recruit a spy and send them to your enemy. Then scout for any enemy OPs and Gates that pose a threat. Once they are eliminated get your alliance and use the missiles. They will serve as a distraction and it is a vital importance you use them. (Make sure you have a bunch of silos that way the whole enemy alliance will use up their ion cannons. So I suggest each alliance member has 3 silos and send them all to a single target from the enemy alliance. Discuss with your alliance about who gets who before though).

Also the enemy in retaliation will use their missiles but jam them after your whole alliance have sent their missiles. (It also helps if you guys have a shield) Then create 2 OPs. After turn them into teleporters.

Then have a one of alliance members create 1 man squads and a bunch of them too. Choose one of the enemies alliance members. Sure enough they will fall for the bait and they will send their squads to protect their member. This will leave them vulnerable. (Dont jam the enemy alliance. You want them to detect the attack.)

After 1 tick (cuz friendly squads always arrive in 2ticks instead of 3) Jam the enemy. Then use your spy that you sent and weaken them from the inside. ( And if you want send a Boo event to them to show you care.) After send your invasion force using the telporters you have near them and they're gonna cry like little girls after you reach their colonies. ( If you've done this right of course.)

Source: w00t's Battle Tactics in Official Forum



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