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The game cycles through 4 seasons, each season represents 1 real day:

Spring - Receive 3 more Divinities to use
Summer - Levy 15 times as opposed to 12, also when the Silver Mine Wrestle occurs.
Fall - Crop yield is increased
Winter - PvP is disabled, and Farm (league battle) acquisition resets

League Battles can occur at anytime except Winter (unless you queued for it in Fall, the day before). Silver Mine Wrestle only occurs in Summer:

A. League Battles

There are farms on the World Map where your League Host can choose to conquer, no divinity is used. If no one has taken it, you will fight the NPC legion; otherwise, you will fight an opposing League. Battles are scheduled by the server on a first-come-first-serve basis. Click the button on the right of your screen and it will show you the server time, as well as spam your League chat.

Battle preparations begin 20 minutes before the actual battle. During this time you can spend Laurels to buff your troops, which increases your ATK or DEF, or gives you one of the 4 buffs (debuffs??? - the in-game tooltip is confusing, so these may not be accurate):

(1) Bulwark - "decreases damage by 10%" (red text)
(2) Blitz - "increases enemy damage by 10%" (blue text)
(3) Abide: increases winning streak (blue text)
(4) Prolong: increases winning streak (red text)

Winning streaks are capped at 4 (can be increased by the buffs). The winning League can harvest from the farm, 7 times a day. Occupation automatically ends in Winter.

B. Silver Mine Wrestle

This event occurs every Summer at 10:00 server time, no divinity is used. In the world screen, there will be a mine in the top left. An icon on the right of your screen will also be available when the event is active.

Each faction starts at a home base (also where you end up when you die, reach 10 defense quota, or leave and come back). Zeusian is N, Athenian SW, Poseidonian SE. You can buff using Laurels much like the battle. There are two timers, one for mining, one for moving/attacking (shorter cooldown for moving).

A few tips:

(1) You can mine every 2 mins, each loss +1 min, each win -1 min (remember to mine when it's time!)
(2) Do not crowd mines, 100% output mine gives about 5k Drachmas, this is reduced by ½ if it’s overcrowded, and further if there’s more people, split out and max profit. Do not focus on the 2x mine since everyone will be there
(3) Max # of mines your faction controls, this increases the # people allowed per mine, so keep attacking!

There are also 4 abilities that pop up randomly, or when you reach your defensive quota:

(1) Harass - used on enemy mine to increase their mine time by 1 minute
(2) "Horse Head" icon - instantly move to any mine our faction controls
(3) Incursion - attack a mine from anywhere (won't take but may drive def off)
(4) "Camp Fire" icon - one more that replenishes your troops, use it when timer is up

An Alliance will automatically form if one faction's total holdings exceeds the combined holding of the two other factions. Deliberate with your faction to see if you can sustain fighting two factions at once.

Batheo Screenshots

C. Instances

These are solo instance activities that give you Transcendence and Drachmas. The first of which is Garden of Hesperides in the Golden Apple. For completion of the stage (kill 5 legions) in:

Under 3:50 minutes ("God of War"), you receive 10,000 Drachmas and 10 Transcendence
Between 3:50 and [4:XX] minutes ("Divine Troops"), you receive 9,000 Drachmas and 8 Transcendence...

The next instance (solo) is the Labyrinth of Thalassa in Roaring Sea. Drachmas are increased but I believe Transcendence stays the same. In Falling Earth you will find your first group instance, Atlas Mountains is a 2-parter with 2-4 people with 12 enemies.

You should do the highest you can that guarantees 10 Transcendence, about twice a day since the cost of Divinities goes up +1 after each run, this resets daily. All instances share the same Divinity counter.

Ignore the buffs, do not recruit more troops, bee-line straight for all 5 enemies and you should get your time down to around 3:35.

D. Daily Server Activities

Activities appear on the right side of your screen. There are several activities cycled through every 4 seasons. The higher you rank compared to the others on the server, the more Drachmas you can receive once a day:

Be the Hero - ranking based on # of times you level your heroes. Threshold score: 50.

Restless Sword - ranking based on Laurels gain. Threshold score: XX.

Stock Up - ranking based on Crops gain. Threshold score: XX.

Great Fighter - ranking based on Prestige gain. Threshold score: XX.

Get Rich - ranking based on Drachmas gain. Threshold score: XX.

Seek Hegemony - ranking based on # wins in PvP (higher ranks give more points). Threshold score: XX.

Hidden Foes - find NPCs with specific dialogues. Threshold score: 50. See link.

Remember to click on Receive Rewards once a day, it's advised to do this at the end of the day after you've done everything to improve your score.



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