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Date: Jun 28 2011 02:30:02 Source: Official Site
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About Athuria

Athuria is an MMORTS combined with RPG, a perfect fusion of strategy and role-playing. The game is set in a fantastic western story. It's based on equisite interface, legendary stories, ingenious strategies and battles without any preliminaries, aiming to provide players the best gaming experience. Athuria guides players to a world of military tactics and team work, allows players to enjoy the fierce strategic wars in both PvP and PvE modes while partnering with their team members.

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Back Story:

The vast and mystical land of Athuria, is rich with precious stones, surrounded with majestic mountains, with rivers that flow into a lake named by the people, Pallida. Pallida is the God of this land and it means perfect jewel. Beauty is everywhere and peace is in all the hearts that live in the 4,000 settlements that are contained in Athuria.

After 700 years of peace, in the Sun Year 4207, Pallida was defeated in battle by an evil outlander Amasia. Pallida's magical staff was destroyed into pieces, the small fragments were scattered throughout Athuria. The most valuable portion of the staff was thrown into Lake Pallida. The energy and force that was in this piece, resulted into a great flood, destroying the whole land and taking countless lives.

Pallida ordained four champions (Susa, Belthuna, Troyes and Zela) to lead the survivors away up the mountains where they gathered their battered bodies and consoled themselves from the devastation. Isolated and not knowing whether their comrades survived or not, the champions re-built their homes, which later formed four kingdoms: Sunshine Sanctuary, Shadow Temple, Quiet Forest and Stone Land.

Generations go by, and gradually the flood recedes, revealing Pallida's staff. The power of the pieces now exposed from water transforms each fragment into castles. Four castles surrounding the supreme pagoda that entombs Pallida's spirit.

Hundreds of years pass and the people of Athuria have forgotten they were once an assembly of all ethnics. The vastness of Athuria and the separation after the flood has made them each believe that they are of pure blood and inheritors of this rich land, possessing the quality to defeat those that do not have the same birthright. Now, the four kingdoms fight for Athuria and to be the first to reach the supreme castle and save Pallida from her bondage.

I know you are bold, and you too believe you can rescue Pallida. Arm yourself and be ready for battles! For the Victor, will be crowned and Athuria will be yours…

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Scenes In Athuria

Capital: Every player own one Capital, where daily production, construction, military management are all made out. In order to have a sound development, we suggest that player keep leveling up their buildings in Capital.

Battlefield: Various notorious evils were dominated in Battlefield. Defeating any of them, you will be rewarded with Militia and may have the chance to receive perfect items.

World map: You can check all places around Athuria world map.  Attacking hostile affiliation, merge them into your affiliation.

Athuria Screenshots

Tips for Newbie

About Hero

As soon as you start the game, better hit the road on training hero. Earn hero with great experience will level them up. There your prospective future is definitely rest on them.

About Quest

Always check on the “Mission”, where you will find abundant rewards for preliminary development

About Territory

Mine is the very top superior construction in Territory. How many mine one won and the level of mine affect your resources production.

About Battlefield

Though there are a lot of fierce NPC you want to conquer, but we suggest players to living within their Means during prime stage.

Never be shame for losing NPC battle. Revenge is a dish that could be eaten cold. Training hero and strengthen item, NPC kingdom will be at hand easily.

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