Athuria Guide: FAQ For Newbie

Date: Jun 28 2011 07:21:14 Source: Official Site
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Here is some FAQ from Athuria Official Site. Through this guide, maybe you can find what you wanna know and learn more about this game.

1.I can't level up my buildings, but the fact is that coin piles up in my city!!!Why?

Leveling up the Capital, then building upgradement will move on. Coz in Lostcity, Lv of buildings can't surpass the Capital's.

2. I want more coins! How to do so?

  • Build more mines, and level them up as high as possible.
  • The higher tile you are, more coins you will received as rewards.
  • Expanding affiliation will increase the production of coins in the Palace.

3.Seems the amount of Foods consumed for replenishing Troops varied time by time. Is that normal?

Yes, coz the foods used for replenishing will fluctuated as the amount of troops you want to replenish. The more troops, the more foods needed.

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4.Why I can only buy foods from Market once?

As there is quota for trading, every level Market was upgraded, 100 more trading quota will be added.

The trading quota will refresh every day at 5:00 AM (Server Time).

5.Is there a rule affecting the fluctuation of food price?

The top price is 2 coins. The price basically will increase progressively, when it reach 2 coins, it will decrease.

6.GM, I got a bug reported: building upgrade just finished in a blink.

In Athuria, building upgrade did make out in a blink. However, the production queue will need some time to cool down to take another construction.

7.I own 1 additional production queue.How long will it last?

It will last forever.

8.Battle will consume my Stamina. How I get it back?

  • You can regains 10 Stamina per hour after going for fight.
  • Click the + button show up in the right conner of your avatar icon, there, you can purchase Stamina. It will consume some coins.   

9.How can I know which title I own? And how to have my title promoted?

Going to the "Territory"->> "Commander's Castle"->> "Status", there you can find your title.

Title can be promoted by:

  • Donating the Castle War in Palace.
  • Level up Patrol center
  • Occupy NPC

10.When a battle could ends in a tie?

  • Both sides suffer no lost during the first 3 rounds of battle.
  • After 30 rounds of battle, no one win.

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11.Will involve in attacking hostile affiliation consume my Stamina?

It won't.

12.Poor Store…it only gets a few items?

No. There will be new items show up per every 10 lv Store is leveled up.

13.Will I still recive item rewards if I attack one NPC,which I had ever beat down?


14.Got higher level, but still was beat down by someone with lower level. Why?

  • Your item is poor than your opponent. Go to Store, Shop->>Strength. That you can refine items.
  • You get poorer technology. In the University, doing research will giving a push to your troops.
  • Your troops' layout definitely was restrained by the opponent. Doing some new tricks on it.

15.I got more NPCs beat down recently, but find that Milita I gained shrink day by day.

When your Castle level is higher than the NPC's, the amount of Milita you receive will shrink as Castle is leveling up day by day.

16.How many type of item there are in Athuria?

Items are catalogued in colors from low to high: White, Yellow, Green, Red, and Purple.

17. How does the Hero Experience System work out?

Training Hero 20 minutes, then experience will be increased once. The higher your Hero's Garrison are, the greater experience hero will gain via training.

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