ANNO1777: Earn Real Money in Virtual World

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ANNO1777 is an online game that simulates an economic political and military system, like the real world. You are a citizen of the seventeenth century who fights on all levels to advance the social hierarchy.

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You can open businesses, become governor or you can build a military empire. Everything is up to you. Unlike other games of this type, the virtual money from ANNO1777 can be exchanged for real money and vice versa. In other words, a financial success in the virtual world of the game becomes a financial success in the real world.

"The product consumption increases your strength, and the increase of your strength means more money" - This phrase summarizes the mechanism behind the game. Before proceeding to a detailed discussion on how ANNO1777 works, the first step would be to understand the basics. strength is the most important indicator and based on it, the productivity is calculated, and also the wage that you are paid, bonuses and many other amounts of money you receive during the game. strength increases when consuming products, and decreases automatically every hour, when fighting or working.

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- First social game in which you can change virtual currency into real money.
- You can be a company owner, politician or a military mastermind.
- There are over 20 kinds of companies from restaurants to banks and lotteries.
- You can make money with your magazine regardless of the topics you approach.
- You can buy and sell everything, including other players.
- Invite your friends and earn taxes for life from them.

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