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Anime Trumps
[Q] How to calculate the cards that Naruto can retain?

[A]The number of cards each character can retain in discard phase equals to the current HP points. Thanks to Fortitude Skill, Naruto can keep more cards—multiplying the lowering HP points by 2.

[Q] How to determine the result of Revenge and Weapon skills, if Sasuke’s Kill doesn’t hit the target?

[A]There will be a reminder of Force Hit when Blast Talisman is the weapon. If the force hit is done, then Revenge skill will not be triggered. If the Blast Talisman is not used, Revenge Reminder will pop up. When Executioner’s Blade is the weapon, after force hit, a reminder of whether or not use Revenge skill will pop up and then is the reminder of whether or not use Kill card.

[Q]Can I discard my equipment cards with Revenge Skill?

[A]No, you have to choose your own cards in hand.

[Q] Can Revenge Skill make the target discard equipment cards?

[A]No, the number of target’s cards you wish the target to discard can’t exceed that of remaining ones.

[Q] How to determine the result of Great Strength and Weapon skills, if Haruno Sakura’s Kill doesn’t hit the target?

[A]The reminder of Great Strength comes first and then is that of weapon. If the force hit succeeds then remind the equipment skill that can be triggered after force hit. If not, then remind the equipment skill that can be triggered after force hit fails.

[Q]Can Heal Skills be used to the target without loss of HP?

[A] No, the target that Heal Skills aims at can’t be full of HP.

[Q]Which cards can Kakashi obtain when he gets hurt by Lightening Kirin?

[A] Only get Lightening Kirin card and no judge card.

[Q]Which cards can Kakashi obtain when he gets hurt by Giant Sand Burial that Gaara uses 2 cards to release?

[A]Kakashi gets the two cards that Gaara used.

[Q]Can I get magic cards when using Rashomon against the magic damage?

[A]No, you can’t.

[Q] Can I draw 2 cards instantly I am used medicine, when I am in fringe of death, asking for more than 2 bottles of medicine?

[A] No, when you are in fringe of death, your HP point has to be recovered above 1 point to trigger the creation and rebirth. The number of drawing cards is multiplying the number of medicine you used by 2.

[Q] If card in diamond Shikamaru uses to Kekkai is gotten by the player using Tsukuyomi, can the card still be used to Kekkai?

[A] No, the card loses the function of being Kekkaied.

[Q] Shall drawing cards for Dojutsu release take place before magic card being effective or after?

[A] Before being effective. It won’t be affected—Still drawing extra 2 cards even if the magic card is affected by Immunity.

[Q] Can Sacrifice skill be triggered when the damage I get is ignored by Rashomon?

[A] No, it can’t.

[Q] Can I trigger Sacrifice skill several times when my HP points drops by more than 1 point?

[A] Yes, you can. The lowering points of HP are the times that you can trigger Sacrifice skills.

[Q]Can other players use multiple cards in heart at one shot when I use Ultimate Defense?

[A]Yes, they can. When you need 2 cards in heart, other players are allowed to play 2 cards in heart at one shot.

[Q] How many Kill cards can I use, equipping Sword Kusanagi after releasing Eight Inner Gates Formation?

[A] No limitation on it.

[Q] Can I use White Eye skill after Five Elements Seal being effective?

[A] No, because your draw card phase has gone.

[Q] Can I use Mentor skill against different characters in one turn?

[A] Yes, you are allowed to distribute cards to different players.

[Q] Which cards can trigger Occupying skill?

[A] It concludes all the cards in hand, equipment cards and cards in judge area.

[Q] Can Snake Shape skill be ignored by Immunity?

[A] Yes, card in heart you used can be offset by Immunity.

[Q] Can I trigger absorption and rebirth skill when the damage I have done to others is ignored by rashomon?

[A] Yes, you can.

[Q] From which areas can I get target’s cards with Gusty Wind and Whirlwind skills?

[A] You can get cards from cards in hand, equipment and judge areas.

[Q] Can I be the character receiving the card of Mind and Body Switch?

[A] Yes, as long as you are within the attack range of selected target.

[Q] Mind and Body Switch does damage to the target. Where is the damage source?

[A] The damage comes from the character releasing Mind and Body Switch.

[Q] Can Yamanaka Ino use Moonlight Beauty when the fury of Yamanaka Ino is equal to that of the damaged character?

[A] No.



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