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This year will be the great year for publisher Prodigy Infinitech. After succeeded on Pirate King, Anime Pirates, Rise of Europe, and War of the Immortals, in October Prodigy have its newest game "Anime Ninja" launched, it is a free-to-play web based game inspired from Naruto series. Welcome to the Ninja world!

Anime Ninja is a global popular MMO-Web Browser game of the popular Manga "Naruto". Playing through the use of pure Japanese animation techniques, using authentic anime plot as well as the real characters with 100% reduction presentation skills the way, and through the "More, Unique, Fresh" gameplay.

Anime Ninja surely strive to create a user new and magnificent Naruto experiences First, Player will start the adventure in Shinobi world by choosing his own character and use it as the main character through the game! There are 6 character with their own uniques abilities and specialities and divided into 3 type, Taijutsu, Ninjutsu and Genjutsu.

You can also recruit your ninja team that was live in Naruto series on the journey. This character will have their own specialization and authentic jutsus like the one in manga series. There are dozens of strong ninja you can recruit as your team, Naruto, Sasuke, Akatsukis, and even the hokages can be part of your team. The further progress through the game, the more highly skilled ninja you can recruit!

Check out these New and Fresh features !

Formation System
Anime Ninja requires the shinobi to do duels until they finish the quest and are able to do pvp (Player vs Player). But keep calm, you will be guided to use Formation System to decide the best ninjas formation!
Formation are divided to 3 position: Vanguard located in front of position, Assaulter in second line, and Support in the back line.

Anime Ninja Screenshot

Vanguard basically have the strongest physical attribute (Defense and Attack). Assaulter have the ability in damage and Critical Rate. Support have ability in Magic, like Healing, Illusion, and many more. Total Ninja that you can recruit and included in formation will increase unanimously with your ninja rank (maximum 5 crew members).
Fulfill your PvP passion in the Arena! Every time you win the arena, your rank will increase. The more you do the arena battle, the more prestige you can get to upgrade your rank.

Equipment Fortify
There are 6 type of equipment which is Headgear, Armor, Belt, Weapon, Boots and Cloak. Every equipment that you get will affect the battle point that you possess ! If the equipment getting stronger, you will also get more attributes to strengthen your character. There's also a fortify system which you can learn enhance, potent and inherit feature to make your equipment stronger!

Anime Ninja Screenshot

Special Weapon
What is ninja special weapon? Well, Special Weapon is a very strong weapon which give bigger attribute to ninja who use it. So, pick your special weapon for your character! You can get special weapon from the Realm Battle. Upgrade and increase weapon level to make special weapon that you have stronger and more effective.

Anime Ninja Screenshot

Jade is being use to give some extra attribute for equipment. There are 12 type of Jade with different attribute. Players can do Inlay Jade for used in equipment. Increase level jade with Synthesize featured. For doing synthesize, you will need 2 same jade. You can received jade from Item Mall, Top-Up, Treasure Box and Boss.

Anime Ninja Screenshot

Ability Scroll
Ability Scroll is one of the unique System in Anime Ninja. Players who has done 1 Ability Scroll will get attribute to increase player Battle point. Player need to use ability point from Battle and Arena complete the Ability Scroll and receive special skills in some part of the scrolls.

Anime Ninja Screenshot

Transform System on game enable the player to change the character display. You can do transformation in Kakashi's Academy.

Anime Ninja Screenshot

In game, you will be accompanied with summons. This featured will give you extra attribute to defeat your enemy. You can have all type of summons (like naruto series), such as One-Tail Shukaku, Two-Tails Matatabi, and so on. You can use summons after reaching level 20. Every summons will evolve to the next form on another 10 level.

Anime Ninja Screenshot

Treasure Map
Treasure Map is one of the interesting feature that able to make player to find a treasure and material to recruit S-Ninja (Special Ninja). But wait ! you have to be careful cause another player can rob the others!

Anime Ninja Screenshot

There will be more authentic gimmicks, attributes and skills based on Naruto series that will accompany your adventure. Anime Ninja is the right choice for Naruto and anime lover to experience the Naruto World ! To read more information please visit our website

Now it is the time for you to gather your Clans, Guild members, or team up with your friends, defeat all enemies and become the most powerful ninja in Anime Ninja!

"Live your way of Ninja"



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