Anarcus: the Neverending Battles: Game Rule

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Anarcus: the neverending battles

Structure of the card

Anarcus: the never ending battles

  • 1.Card type icon
  • 2.Info block (R - realm, S - side, N - nature)
  • 3.Attack points
  • 4.Hit points (HP)
  • 5.Card title
  • 6.Card type
  • 7.Special abilities of the card
  • 8.Card description
  • 9.Card number (unique for each card, used to identify card)

Card types

  • Heroes - the main cards of the game. Heroes leads player’s army during each round.
  • Weapons - adds attack points to the hero, only one weapon card can be used at the time. By playing new weapon card, player destroys (removes from the table) existing (if any) weapon card.
  • Shield - adds HP to the hero, the same rules as for weapons apply.
  • Actions - different effect cards, every has different meaning and are used as described on their descriptions. If card has no special abilities then only Attack and HP points are added to the hero.
  • Fighters - the same rules as action cards apply, but unlikely action cards, fighter cards remain on the table after round. Can be killed after losing round. See below for the details.



Each player has two shuffled card stacks, first one is the stack of hero cards, second one - all remaining cards of the deck.

Player draws 4 hero cards from the the first stack and places them on the table. Remaining hero cards won’t be used in the game.

When four hero cards are placed on the table, player draws 8 cards from the second stack and takes them to his hand it is the HAND cards.

2.Begin round

If at the beginning of the round player has less than 8 cards in his hand, he draws additional cards from the second card stack until he has 8 cards hand.

First comes the defending player. He chooses a hero for the round from the heroes on the table and puts it in front of him. Chosen card will be the defender hero for whole round.

Next comes the attacking player. He chooses the attacker hero in the same manner as the defending player did.

After round heroes is chosen the turns stage begins: first comes the attacking player.


Player plays his hand cards by placing them on the table. Depending on card type these placing rules apply:

Weapon card must be placed on the left of the round hero. If another weapon card is placed already, it must be removed from the table and taken out of the game.

Shield card must be placed on the right of the round hero. If another shield card is placed already, it must be removed from the table and taken out of the game.

Action cards are placed on the action cards’ row in front of the hero. If action card has special abilities they must be applied before the next card is played.

Fighter card must be placed on the fighters row in front of the action cards’ row.

4.End turn

After player played all cards he wanted, he ends his turn and turn goes to his opponent. If player ends turn with no played cards it is “empty” turn. If its second empty turn in a row and opponent also made empty turn the turns stage ends and the “end round” stage begins.

5.End round

a.Battle points

Battle points for the attacking player is the sum of attack points of all of his played cards on the table.

Battle points for the defending player is the sum of hit points (HP) of all of his played cards on the table.


The winner of the round is the player who collected the highest amount of battle points.

If the battle points are equal then the defending player wins because his defence was successful.

c.Damage and fighter killing

The damage points is the difference between winner’s and loser’s battle points.

i.e. winner collects 20 BP and loser collects 16BP, so 20 - 16 = 4 damage points.

Loser’s fighters starting from the weakest (with lowest HP) are killed until the sum of their HP is higher than amount of damage points.

i.e. we have 4 damage points, and loser has 3 fighters: A(1HP), B(2HP), C(2HP).

So A and B will be killed and C is left alive, because 1HP+2HP = 3HP is covered by 4 damage points. But 1HP+2HP+2HP = 5HP is more than 4 damage points.

All killed fighters are removed from the table.

d.Prepairing for the next round

All played action, weapon, shield and round hero cards are removed from the table and taken out from the game. On the table only played fighters are left.

If there are non-played hero cards on the table the next round takes place.

6.End game

The winner of the game is player who win more rounds.

If there are equal amount of victories, the winner is the player whose sum of HP and Attack points of the fighters left on the table are higher.

If there are equal amount of victories and fighters on the table has the same amount of HP and Attack points then the winner of the game is the player who won the last round.



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