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Tamer Saga is the latest MMO released by Popace. In this guide we will go over the four different classes that you can use in the game. These Tamer Saga playable classes are: Warrior, Ranger, Priest, and Mage.

Tamer Saga Class and Attribute Stats

Before we go into detail about each of the classes offered in Tamer Saga, we will first provide a table of their stats as well as the stats gained by leveling up. With this, you can have a basic idea on how these Tamer Saga classes function in the game.

Class HP Power Defense Dodge Crit Speed
  Start Per
Start Per
Start Per
Start Per
Start Per
Start Per
Warrior 1395 225 27 15 15 5 8 1 8 1 17 3
Ranger 1080 135 30 18 12 2 11 3 9 2 20 5
Priest 1215 180 27 12 14 5 8 2 6 2 16 5
Mage 1125 180 30 15 12 2 5 2 11 3 15 4

Tamer Saga Class Guide

Below we will go over some major points about each of the class. Use these tips to help you decide which are the best class for you to play in Tamer Saga Online.


With high physical attack power, warriors always stand in front of teammates. They are good tanks and damage takers in Tamer Saga. They have strong melee power in the game.
Main Weapon: Sword
Main Spell: Blaze Swing


Loving freedom, rangers are willing to travel around instead of being bound in a small space. With mighty ranged attacks, they are the DPS damage dealer in your game.
Main Weapon: Bow
Main Spell: Piercing Shot


The greatest advantage of priests lies in their healing spells and supporting beneficial effects. They can give strong support to the teammates as well as help remove harmful effects from allies remove. With the healing power available, they can keep your allies alive longer through the battles. However, their weak battle power compensates for the strengths in healing.
Main Weapon: One-handed Wand
Main Spell: Dawn Light


Mages have powerful magic to sweep multiple enemies and can cause additional special effects. However, their weak HP and defense makes them pretty easy to die in Tamer Saga Online.
Main Weapon: Two-handed Staff
Main Spell: Wind Storm



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