Alteil Guide: Using Blaze Knuckle and Assassin Team

Date: Jun 15 2011 05:40:10 Source: Official Site
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Blaze Knuckle and Assassin Team sure look good, but with two of the most complicated skills in the game, how do they work, and how do you use them?

Blaze Knuckle

First let's look at Fist of Fire. Simply put, if you take out a unit in one hit, then you get to hit a second time. The first unit must be within range, and the second unit must be outside of range. You might be worried that if there are two enemies on the field, one in the front row and one in the back, that when Blaze kills the first one, the second one will no longer have anyone blocking for it, and thus be within range (and no longer a valid target). Have no fear, because the damage will resolve and the units will close at the same time. That means that the first unit will still be standing (although at 0 or less HP) when you take your second attack. You'll note that the unique wording of this skill means that you'll always hit two different units, since a target cannot be both in and out of range at the same time. It's a little complicated to use, but it's one of the cheapest ways to hit multiple units at a time. Also, with 60 base damage, it's pretty likely to work.

Blaze is also a Martial Artist, one of the very few available with more than 40 HP. He might do well in a File with other Martial Artists, but be careful about using him with Diosaur's Start skill. This skill gives a Martial Artist +10 DMG and +1 RNG. More damage is always better for Blaze's Action Skill, but increasing his range can actually make it more difficult to land the second attack. I suppose it would be fun to put him in the second row, that would solve the problem and also give him the survivability to make up for his 1 AGI, but Diosaur likes to live in the second row as well, so you'll need a dramatic tanking solution for the both of them.

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Assassin Team

Assassin Team's skill is also only worth using if you can kill the enemy in one hit, but with 40 DMG you might have a little more trouble. They do pair well with Annarose, though. 50 DMG and 4 AGI is a great combination. Still, the trouble might be worth it to use one of the most elaborate lockdown / SP draining skills in the game. Not only does it drain two SP, but it does so next turn, at the very beginning. This one's a little tricky, because most people think of the turn beginning either when you pick your card (the SET Phase) or at the Start Phase, but actually it begins when the little turn counter pops up and you get your 2 SP. What Assassin Team effectively does is prevent the enemy from getting his 2 SP next turn. If you can get an early SP advantage and pull this off consistently, you lock your enemy out of playing any more cards unless he lets a unit die (or runs out of copies, which will happen because you have to turn over one enemy card per turn to pull this off).

The best part of this is Grimoires, because he'll be unable to play them without losing field presence.Assassin Team is an Assassin type card, no surprise there. There isn't any support for an Assassin file right now, but at 60 HP, Assassin Team has the most HP of any other of its fellows by a pretty good margin. Only Moonlight Assassin comes close at 40, and everyone else clocks in at 30 or less, so these guys may be your main tank in the future.

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