Alfheim Tales Online Preview: Elfs, Spirits and Mankind: Journey of Discovery

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By Antonio Joan Parungao

Whats not to love about Elfs, spirits and cute animated pets set in an Anime-style MMO environment? Not much, but it does depend on how you will like them. Raymedia Group Ltd is preparing for an anticipated launching of its new title, Alfheim Tales Online(ATO for short). I had a chance to experience and test through ATO test server, the currently playable version of the game to get a grasp of this cute MMO.

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ATO features a very easy game play, character movement can easily be controlled by keyboard keys as well as for the combat keys for the various skills that you will obtain as you progress through the game, making it a newbie friendly Anime style 3D MMORPG. The game also features an "AFK Mode", a bot generated by the game, mainly for the busy people or for the working class players, where your character can have limited movement independently without someone controlling it.

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There are currently 4 Job classes available, mainly Mage, Knight, Assassin and Priest. You start your journey by taking a role of a new "champion" guided by spirit Elfs. After character creation, you will spawn in your Job class base town where you will be asked to undergo some novice training together with your novice Elf spirit to prepare you for the path that you shall take in the future. In every job class you will get to choose 2 paths, and depending on the path you choose, your spirit Elf will also evolve at certain levels that will enable you to use new and more powerful skills. I can clearly say that the spirit Elfs play a vital role in your journey.

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Alfheim Tales Online is a very sociable game, as you can progress faster in the game if you play with your friends and comrades due to various EXP Bonuses from every party quests and instances, as well as EXP Bonuses gained by grinding with party members. Following through your tutorial quests, you will be introduced to various features of the game. Just like every Browser MMOs, ATO features a vast array of Mounts and Pets in particular. There are over 100 pets that undergoes three levels of evolution, each with its unique characteristics and skills. There are also other hidden features in the game, waiting to be discovered, that will greatly affect the interaction inside this MMO.

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Still under development, Alfheim Tales Online(ATO) is not your typical Browser Game, it is different in some promising ways. Although it has some elements that you have already seen in other browser games, the fact that they did some other things differently means it can offer a unique experience. If you dig cute Anime-styled Fantasy 3D Browser games, with an ethereal feel to it, you'll definitely want to keep an eye out for its CBT launching later this month.

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