Alfheim Tales Online Beginners' Guide: Level 1-19

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This guide will help you to find a best way to level up at the beginning of Alfheim Tales Online. Just check below to get the information you may need.


Content Reasons Recommended level

Party on the Beach

There are splendid and high-quality images, leisurely and recreational experience. It is an important EXP source. You can enter alone or in group.

Alfheim Tales OnlineAlfheim Tales Online Alfheim Tales OnlineAlfheim Tales Online

Operation Starry Night

It offers in-depth interactions with high-level players which can be your mentor and help you much. You can obtain a lot of EXP here.

Alfheim Tales OnlineAlfheim Tales Online Alfheim Tales OnlineAlfheim Tales Online

Wheel of Time

It is the first and only instance in the true sense in the initial stage of the Game. There are splendid, rich and impressive contents. It can prepare you for the future instances.

Alfheim Tales OnlineAlfheim Tales Online Alfheim Tales OnlineAlfheim Tales OnlineAlfheim Tales Online

Mentorship| Battle Assist |Interaction | Team | Vitality System | Mail

Daily Events:
Party on the Beach | Operation Starry Night | Mystery Eggs

Compulsory Courses:
Guardian Sprite Upgrade | Guardian Sprite Evolution | Visit Paradise Garden | Pet Operation

Brief Introduction:
It is easy to upgrade in this stage. What players need to do is to get familiar with Alfheim Tales Online. So players should finish main-line quests. When reaching Level 8, players can participate in wonderful event, Party on the Beach. When reaching Level 10, players can take someone as their mentor. In addition to giving the player a chance to enter Operation Starry Night, the mentor will help players much in the future. When reaching Level 15, players can join a reliable guild to have more friends.

Key Levels:
Level 4: The quest "Guardian Sprite Upgrade" appears for the first time. You will find the quest is one of your favorites.
Level 5: The quest of making friends appears for the first time, where you begin to make friends.
Level 6: The quest of getting a Pet appears for the first time. Go to finish the quest to get your first pet!
Level 9: By finishing the quest in the Beach Resort, players learn to chat with friends and team up with them. Obtain EXP with your friends!
Level 10: Players can learn what a Mentor is and how to get their mentor.
Level 12: The quest "Sprite Evolution" appears for the first time, where players can select their class and get related skills!
Level 15: Guild-related quest appears. Think carefully! Create a guild or to join one?
Level 17: Player can get quests related to Paradise Island, which is a paradise of pets and you will visit often!

When summoning a mount, players can click related NPC or click the destination on the small map in advance so that the mount will find the path immediately after summoning. A lot of time can be saved.
Left click a target will start attack towards the target immediately. When walking, to avoid time waste, do not click any monster that you do not want to attack.
A ticket is needed when entering the Paradise Island, which you can buy in the Pet Shop. When a ticket is used, players will be transferred to the Paradise Island.

Q: How to use Path Finding in the Game?
A: You can click the underlined words to start Path Finding or select the NPC's name after clicking "Path" in the upper right corner. Or, if there is specific position, you can enter the coordinate values in world map and then click "Find" to start Path Finding.
Q: How to chat with someone quickly?
A: If you want to chat with someone, right click the character or its name and select "Whisper". If you want to speak in the world channel, press "Enter" and a chat window will appear in the left lower part of the screen.
Q: There are items that I do not need in the backpack. When there is no shop nearby, how can I do other than throwing them?
A: In such a case, you can get these items devoured. Drag them to the Guardian Sprite in the lower right corner of the screen and click to get crystal or Soul Energy! Or just open To-go Shop in Inventory to sell them.
Q: Is there any function can help me to get a screen shot of the wonderful moment in the Game?
A: You can press the key "Print Screen" to save the screen which will be saved in the file of "screenshots" in the directory of the Game. To hide the Game interface, you can press "Alt +Z".
Q: When reaching Level 12, how can I upgrade Guard Sprite?
A: You should go back to the altar in the base of your class to get Guardian Sprite evolve, which will cost 1 Sprite Crystal Shard that can be obtained in quests. Please note that further evolution of the sprite will cost different items!



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