How to Summon Holy Pets in Alfheim Tales Online

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Alfheim Tales Online, a 3D fantasy browser MMORPG has exhibited a wide range of diverse pets of all kinds in a beauteous world, operated exclusively by Ray Media Group Ltd. Recently, there is a hot discussion about pets in Alfheim Tales Online. “So many friends asked me in the world chat about how to summon pink pets like Yeti” said by one of the players NYX in Alfheim Tales Online Server 1. For so many curious players, the official provided an easy description about how to summon the pink pets: players may open profiles with some specific conditions, then the pink pets will be summoned.


For example, after opening 12 pet profile cards as well as No.020 and No.022 profile cards, then attached with four Soul Crystals, the cute Yeti (snow monster) will be summoned. The pink pet summoning will be done after reaching both of above requirements. Another way to get the pets is joining the event called “top up win bonus diamonds & pink pet” held by the ATO official when their new server launching.

The ultimate target for players is summoning a Holy Dragon. The official also provides a guide for the Holy Dragon Quest. See more details in the


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