Alfheim Tales Online Guide: Guardian Sprite

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In Alfheim Tales Online, each class has their own Guardian Sprite, which always fly around players and grow up together with their masters. Each Guardian Sprite has their unique appearance and exclusive skills. Their skills and talents will directly affect your character's performance in battle. You can also enjoy the features of Sprite Treasure Hunting, Sprite Realm and Sprite Devour Skills in game.

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Sprite Evolution

When your Guardian Sprite reaches level 12, level 25, level 40 and level 55, you can evolve them to learn more sprite skills.

Open the Sprite interface, click 'Evolution' then you can see the 2 evolution direction, required level and skills obtained after evolution.

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Mouse over the Sprite Icon on the Evolution Tree, you can check the required items for Sprite Evolution. After obtaining enough items in Sprite Sanctum in Class Base, you can perform the evolution in the center of Class Altar.

Sprite Realm Challenge

When your Sprite reaches level 30, you can enter Sprite Realm once a day. Select a monster you want to challenge and you can obtain Equipment Shards as reward after defeating it.

Note: Red-name players cannot enter Sprite Realm. The higher your VIP level is, the more challenge times you will have.

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Sprite Treasure Hunting

When your sprite reaches level 40 and evolves to Phase III, the Treasure Hunting function is opened. You can obtain Soul Beads here to enhance Sprite's Talent.

Open the Treasure Hunting page, click Phoenix Plain to start. The first time of Treasure Hunting is free each day. And then you need to consume some EXP or gold to continue.

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There are 5 areas for Treasure Hunting: Phoenix Plain, Dark Abyss, Skeleton Abyss, Flame Mountain and Tahiti. Different areas have different Soul Beads.

Sprite Talent

After collect required Soul Beads, you can open the Sprite Talent page, embed Soul Bead into the Star Drill to activate or upgrade the talents. Then your character will have different buff effect from the talent.

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