Alfheim Tales Online Beginners' Guide: Level 40-60

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This guide will help you to find a best way to level up during Level 40 to 60 in Alfheim Tales Online. Just check below to get the information you may need.


Content Reasons Recommended level
Royal Flush One attracting point of this quest is good EXP reward. And it also offers good guild contribution and guild funds. Alfheim Tales OnlineAlfheim Tales Online Alfheim Tales OnlineAlfheim Tales Online
Illusory Tower The great EXP reward can attract all players. And chess pieces of different attributes are so interesting. And the gold coins rewards are additional surprise! Alfheim Tales OnlineAlfheim Tales Online Alfheim Tales OnlineAlfheim Tales Online
Temple Defense One of the most exciting part of Alfheim Tales Online. It tests the achievements of players who have to compete for resources. And there is also passionate multi-player battlefield! Alfheim Tales OnlineAlfheim Tales Online Alfheim Tales OnlineAlfheim Tales OnlineAlfheim Tales Online
Frost Heart You can enjoy the most fantasy scenery and intense and beautiful combat in this instance. From this level, abyss instances are offered. They are more difficult than normal instances. Alfheim Tales OnlineAlfheim Tales Online Alfheim Tales OnlineAlfheim Tales Online

Daily Events:
Royal Flush| Illusory Tower | Sprite Riot | Temple Defense | Chaos Arena | Barbarian Zone

Space-time Vortex | Frost Heart | Frost Tear | Sacred Stone Shrine | Thorn Quagmire

Compulsory Courses:
Equipment Fusion | Sprite Talent | Sprite Treasure Hunting | Level Up Manually

Brief Introduction:
In this stage, players must have been familiar with the instances and activities, and have higher requirements on equipment and leveling.
Then how to improve the equipment and level up quickly? Reasonable arrangement of activities is needed. The following is one of the good arrangements of activities:
First, finish the guild quest of cleaning warehouse to get an EXP Scroll before the Chess Hall becomes open at noon; second, organize a team 30 min after Chess Hall opens and use EXP Scroll; third, when finishing Chess Hall, go into Illusory Tower and deal as much as damage to reduce completing time (during this instance, EXP Scroll still works); fourth, when finishing Illusory Tower, do not disband the team but go into Barbarian Zone immediately. When Barbarian Zone is finished, the effect of EXP Scroll just expires. In such a way, EXP Scroll is made use of the best.
In addition to finishing instances successively, players can also go to complete chain quest and high-EXP activities according to their own schedule. When upgrading, do not forget to seek treasure for the sprite. Soul Bead is necessary for upgrading the Sprite Talent, which will bring qualitative change to players' skills. And the attractive gold and pink weapons can be produced by fusing shards. Moreover, gems used to embed in equipment also can be upgraded. High-level gem can make your equipment more powerful.

Key Levels:
Level 40: Let your sprite evolve to Phase III to make you stronger.
Level 42: There is quest "Irritable Snow Leopard", where you can get Titan Roots Badge and improve yourself greatly.
Level 45: There is quest "Challenge Frost Heart", which offers glamorous icy scenery and quite different from the past instances.
Level 50: There is quest "the Wilderness". After enjoying the icy environment of Carrel Tundra, it is worthy to enjoy the emptiness and grandness of the Wilderness.
Level 54: There is quest "Challenge Sacred Stone Shrine". You can feel that the instance is more difficult. Let it make you stronger!
Level 55: The Guardian Sprite will evolve to Phase IV, which means you become stronger!
Level 58: There is quest "Thorn Quagmire". Go to see more powerful BOSS with cooler skills.

If you are in special state, you will be unable to compound gems or devour items.
Do not attack other players in non-PK area or PK willfully. This will increase your PK Point. When your name turns red, you will be unable to enter some instances!
Do not forget to get your pet evolve when upgrading yourself. Evolved pet will become much more beautiful and stronger!

Q: What are the benefits to upgrade the sprite talent?
A: When the sprite talent is upgraded, the class' skills specified by sprite talent will be enhanced or other effect will be added.
Q: During Sprite Treasure Hunting, will any of other activities be influenced?
A: No.
Q: How to get high-level Soul Bead?
A: If you are lucky enough, you can find high-level Soul Bead during Sprite Treasure Hunting. Or, high-level Soul Bead can be obtained by composing a number of low-level Soul Beads!
Q: How can I use both the bound and unbound shards of the same attributes in my backpack to compound equipment?
A: There is trader for shard exchange in Star City. Player can exchange unbound shards for bound ones to compound equipment!
Q: Why my attack ability is weaker than that of player of similar level, class and equipment?
A: The gap between you and other players may lie in guild skills. You can get contribution through guild quests, which is necessary for you to upgrade guild skills. High-level guild skills can promote your ability greatly.



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