Alfheim Tales Online Beginners' Guide: Level 30-39

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This guide will help you to find a best way to level up during Level 30 to 39 in Alfheim Tales Online. Just check below to get the information you may need.


Content Reasons Recommended level
Guild Chain Quest It offers good EXP rewards and also good guild contribution and guild funds. Alfheim Tales OnlineAlfheim Tales Online Alfheim Tales OnlineAlfheim Tales Online Alfheim Tales Online
Chess Hall The great EXP reward can attract all players. And chess pieces of different attributes are so interesting. And the gold coins rewards are additional surprise! Alfheim Tales OnlineAlfheim Tales Online Alfheim Tales OnlineAlfheim Tales Online Alfheim Tales Online
Treo Canyon The most exciting part of Alfheim Tales Online. It tests the achievements of players who have to compete for resources. And there is also passionate multi-player battlefield! Alfheim Tales OnlineAlfheim Tales Online Alfheim Tales OnlineAlfheim Tales OnlineAlfheim Tales Online
Shadow Ruins This solo activity adds a setting of KOS. Players can accumulate energy by killing monsters and release AOE skill to take down hundreds monsters. EXP reward is good. Alfheim Tales OnlineAlfheim Tales Online Alfheim Tales OnlineAlfheim Tales Online

Daily Events:
Guild Chain Quest | Golden Hunter | Shadow Ruins | Treo Canyon

Circus | Dark Shrine | Space-time Vortex

Shards Fusion| PK System | Vitality Point (abbr. VP)

Compulsory Courses:
Recruit Apprentices | Equipment Enhancement | Gem Embedded | Pet Enhancement

Brief Introduction:
This is the most violent stage. Players have more choices. It is more interesting. In addition to wonderful instances, PVP lead to the climax of Alfheim Tales Online life. In this stage, players have to keep clear thinking to make their upgrading more effective!
First, players should keep an eye on the opening time of activities like Chess Hall and Treo Canyon. Second, players can arrange time to participate events like Shadow Ruins and Golden Hunter which are open at any time and also guild and class chain quests which are still the main sources of EXP.
And the instances in this stage have been quite different, requiring good arrangement of team. Players can enhance their equipment to meet the harder challenges!

Key Levels:
Level 30: There is quest to get an apprentice. Go to find a good apprentice! There will be surprises for your honor as a mentor. And at this level, players can accept guild chain quest which is a great source of EXP that you can't miss. Moreover, the quests in the Guild Base also can improve your strength.
Level 32: There is a quest to find the traveling merchant where you can explore the Dragon Cave with unique scenes.
Level 35: There is a quest to challenge the Dark Shrine. Prepare yourself for the powerful BOSS!

Embedded gems can be removed and embedded into other equipment. Enhanced equipment can be dissembled to get theDawn Star. Do not miss the chance.
Different class requires different gems. Players must choose the right gem to maximize their attack ability.
When challenging the Dark Shrine for the first time, do not forget to pick up the item for quest, which can give more EXP for finishing related quest.


Q: How to finish guild chain quest more quickly?
A: Player needs to carry Portal Scroll for all places and an excellent mount to shorten the time of chain quest.
Q: What can I do if the expanded backpack is still not big enough?
A: Do not forget the Warehouse Keeper in the Star City. Additional items can be put into the Warehouse whose storage ability can also be expanded.
Q: I can't use up my Vitality Point every day. What else I can use it for?
A: Vitality Point can be used to exchange crystal, Soul Energy and EXP. In addition, extra VP can be claimed every Saturday and Sunday.
Q: Can I change the skills of my pet?
A: Players can buy pet skill card in Mall or booths to make the pet learn skills. If you are unsatisfied with your attack ability, you can make your pet learn the skill of attack blessing.
Q:Why my attack ability is weaker than that of players of similar level, class and equipment?
A: The gap between you and other players may lie in guild skills. You can get contribution through guild quests, which is necessary for you to upgrade guild skills. High-level guild skills can promote your ability greatly.
Q: What gems needed by every class? How to get these gems?
A: M-Atk Gems and Intellect Gems are exclusive for Mages and Priests. Agility Gems for Assassins and Strength Gems for Knights. P-Atk Gems that can be embedded with other items is useful for Assassins and Knights too. You can also try other gems for your interest.



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