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Depending on the type of games you play, the name American McGee may mean something to you or it means nothing at all; regardless, he has made his name in the gaming industry with his off the beat games from Alice to Grimm. Well, this time he and his company in China, Spicy Horse have a new game up their sleeves, which is Akaneiro: Demon Hunters, which currently is in the home stretch of their Kickstarter campaign to fuel it. I got a chance to play a bit of the Open Beta while it lasted, and by the looks of it the game has some potential.

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Character creation at this point in the game, is very basic and offers no real customization options besides picking your characters gender and a 'class'. I use the term class loosely since it doesn't really affect anything but what skill you start out with. The game devs have went with the approach of letting you define your character in both their skills and equipment. So what it lacks in customization of the base character, it makes up for (somewhat) in everything else you can change in game.

Combat is more akin to games like Torchlight or diablo where you have the base attack on the left mouse button and your main skill on the right. It plays out fairly standard and fluidly for an action rpg, which is not a bad thing at all despite how that sounds. The combat was actually pretty fun and easy to get into.

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I am not a huge fan of how they play out the stages in the game so far, it makes the game feel a bit grindy. What they have you do is; you go through three missions/stages in one area, then you need to buy the next one. This often makes you repeat stages repeatedly to get the funding needed for that, and anything else you wanted to buy, like skills. After running the same dungeon multiple times, it sort of loses its charm, especially since right now at least it isn't rogue based, but static maps, which make going to the same dungeon over and over again more repetitive than it needs to be.

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At this stage the co-op functions are a bit….odd. Right now it isn't co-op as in your buddy can jump in and goes dungeon crawling with you, but an AI version of him can. Right now they have it set where you pick a player from what looks to be a random list and pick them out based of their level, character looks, and name. So you may be able to find a friend and bring his AI doppelganger along for some dungeon runs, but you will most likely find a lot of random people first.

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Art in the game is very well done and looks akin to games like Okami with the deep outline art style and sort of rough sketchy look. The atmosphere at times is rather dark and gritty, which is akin to McGee's other games and is really pleasing to look at. The character animations are done rather well, same with designs of the world and the creatures that lurk in it.

The game is most likely going to be released soon, and at this stage it does look fairly good. Not all the features are there yet, but with the addition of co-op (hopefully live co-op soon), it will make the game shine a lot more. Hopefully when the game is released it will toss out some of the static dungeons, or at least mix things up enough to make it less repetitive, which will make the game even more entertaining.

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