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What is Age of Titan?

Put your ingrown divine power into good use, wield your all-conquering weapons, and join in the epic journey in Age of Titans to head for your ultimate destiny—a legendary Titan! Age of Titans is a fantasy MMORPG to be published in MENA region by Tahadi Games. Its vast and rich 3D environments will be open for all players to explore and have their adventures in, making you on the scoop: you are to travel through the dense and lush jungles to the barren wastelands, from the mysterious tundra to the perilous valleys… There are 4 distinct classes available, and each class possesses a unique set of skills. MP (Magic Points) and SP (Stamina Points) are two necessary factors that determine your strength and skills, more advanced skills can be unlocked along your progression as well. Then, there remains a lot to do with the daily quests and various systems such as the vaulting system, mount system and guild system, etc.

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Divine weapons.

Look for the Divine Weapons Master in Sky City to inlay your Soul; after which, you will automatically attain your Divine Weapon.


The Age of Titans Pet is a special player companion bound to follow you wherever you go. They add an additional decorative value on your character, also as a sign of status (Some pets cannot be obtained the traditional way). During battles, your pet fights alongside your character. Whichever target you are focusing on, your pet will help you attack it.

Enhance-able mounts.

A feature that is unique to Age of Titans, and With an according amount of game coins, players can upgrade the levels of their mounts; once you hit the maximum cap, you will not be able to enhance them further.

Lots of exciting events

Secrets of the elements.

Sky City, like many of the establishments of the gods, has always been tasked with monitoring the elementals and their movements. Of late, elementals have begun amassing and appearing in far greater numbers than before, and while it is not a cause for huge concern, the gods demand the situation to be nipped in the bud before it can grow out of hand.

The tomb raiders.

Dig for treasure during the event to be transported into the event instance! Kill the monster(s) within to spawn the event NPCs, which will appear in one of the maps below!

Athena's test

Athena wishes to test your abilities. Each event consists of 20 rounds that involve locating NPCs, eliminating monsters and looting in Delphi, and collecting items from NPCs in Sky City.

Frostseal stronghold.

Three officers have ventured into the fort of Frostseal, and it has never been heard of since then. Brave warriors with enough strength (Level 20 and above) and their allies (3-5 players) are required to go to Frostseal Fort and find the missing officers location.

Medusa's lair.

Recently, the seas have been increasingly violent; the Fangs of Gorgon have emerged to stage a rebellion. All travelling ships are being attacked! If you are of skilled enough (Level 30 and above) as well their allies (3-5 players), come, and take on the ferocious Medusa.

An urgent message.

It has been ages since I last spoke with my friends in Olympus. My busy life does not allow me to see them as often as I would like. Could you help me and send my regards to them?

Bounty hunter.

Darkness Legion henchmen have escaped Demonseal Prison and are searching for ancient equipment lost by the Titans! If you are up to the challenge, you will earn generous bounty for these monsters.

The holy warriors.

Players can participate in the 'Looking for Saint Fighters' event, The saint fighters will appear on Olympus, go to Olympus and find Saori to participate in the event, you can participate in 3 rounds every day, to get huge rewards.


Age of Titans is an online game and requires the creation and use of a user name and a password. The security of your access information is your responsibility.


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Getting Started

Starting the game

Age of Titans is designed to run on a variety of browsers and PC configurations, here you will find out how to run it in browsers: Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox and internet explorer.

Character creation

it's easy to create and customize a character in Age of Titans.
Simply open the Character interface and click "Create Character". Then click "Next" to begin customizing your character.

Options and settings

Maps settings.

Here you can control what indicators to display on the map, by toggling the options available.

Sound settings.

This section allows you to control the volumes of the various aspects of the game sound.

Block settings.

This option makes is possible for you to block all trade requests from other players.

Display settings.

Use those settings to adjust what do display in your game screen area.

Account Management

Age of Titans is accessed and played using the users own Facebook account, click here for more information about Facebook accounts.



From the time of the creation of the universe, chaos ruled the heavens and the earth, and from this swirling madness a terrible entity was born, Uranos. Constantly traveling between universes, creating and destroying worlds as he saw fit, he was a merciless being with no sense of compassion.

Doomsday Battle.

With grim determination and courage, the lesser races marched against the Titan Gods, expecting death at every turn. Their bravery led them to victory after victory against the ruthless Titan Gods, bringing their righteous crusade to the very doorstep of Sky City on Mount Olympia - the birthplace of the Titans.

The Northern Alliance.

Most battles take place over days or months, sometimes even years. But this was no ordinary battle, and the enemy was no ordinary warlord. The battle against Erebus lasted for more than a century, and the toll it took on the myriad peoples of Karz would forever be remembered.

Hidden Agenda.

It was then that a distant messenger from the Asa Gods to the north came to them, requesting the formation of an alliance. Apparently, the dark god Loki, who they had imprisoned, had somehow escaped to Idawald Vale. This meant that he had almost certainly thrown in his lot with Erebus.

Unseen Trouble.

With the forces of the Asa Gods now in the fight, the battle against Erebus became a pale shadow of the bloodbath it had been before the alliance and the good news kept coming. A spy had made it behind enemy lines and discovered where Erebus' had been hiding.

Origin of the Races.

Noticing that something was amiss, the Doomsday Forces quickly realized that their most valiant heroes were all missing, along with the Archmage Brutus. Fearing the worst, they began a lightning assault on Idawald Vale and quickly broke through in search of the heroes and the mage.

Basic Information

User Interface

Once you start the game, players often ask the question “What does this button do?” Well, let us guide you and get you started on the right track right away!

Character Information.

The Age of Titans character information contains all the vital statistics of our hero.

Target information.

The Age of Titans target information primarily displays the vital statistics of your target.

Mini map.

The mini map can help the player to further be aware of his surroundings.

Progress Bar.

Here you can track your progress towards gaining a newer level for your character.

Chat box.

You can talk with other players, other party members, guild members, and send private messages to individual players, using the features provided by the chat box.

Bottom bar menu.

This is the menu located at the bottom of the area that makes your game screen.

Basic Controls.

Although Age of titans is a browser based game, it uses both the keyboard and the mouse, like any big sized client game.

Accepting new quests.

Accepting and completing quests is how players progress through the game's story and earn EXP. To find an available quest, left click any NPC with a golden exclamation mark above their head (be sure to read the quest description carefully before accepting!).

Auto path system.

Age of Titans offers two automation features to help streamline the gaming experience: Auto-Tracking and Combat Helper.

Auto combat system.

The auto combat system is an easy three-step process, to automat combat for the player.

Newbie gifts.

Those gifts are rewards and they are only available once the required time has passed. The timer only counts time you spend online. If you go offline, the timer will pause and then resume the next time you login.

Game Functions.


Players in Age of Titans can trade equipment, items and in game currency freely.

Treasure hunting.

Players who have attained at least Level 35 can approach Megaera in the main city at (289, 230) to sign up for the event, Bounty Hunter. You'll receive a quest item; use this at the specified coordinates to summon a monster. Defeat it to get rewarded handsomely! Also, these monsters have a certain chance to yield Unopened Treasure Map, which can be used to participate in the event, Lost Treasure!


Everyone knows this familiar quote and the game is no exception to it. The knowledgeable players are with their equipment, the more effective and efficient their game characters will be.


Age of Titans pet mount or mount is an alternative means of transportation for your character in the game. Unlike most other MMORPG games whereas your character has the ability to sprint around the game, Age of Titans offers a stylistic way by allowing players to take a ride (Mount) instead on the backs of mythical creatures.



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