Age of Titans Guide: Fast Leveling

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Leveling in Age of Titans can be a bit tedious if you do not know what you are doing in game. This Age of Titans leveling guide will provide you with some basic insights on how to level up fast.

Enable Double XP Before Boss or Mini Boss Kills

Save your Double EXP time whenever you are almost ready to kill the Age of Titans bosses and mini bosses. Some of the great targets include Graverobbers, Demon(not Demon Dwelling) Captain,Boar Captain,and Arachnid

Take Advantage of Team Events

Take advantage of the various team events inside various Age of Titans dungeons to get good experience points.

Take On Age of Titans Dungeon Quests

Before you enter dungeon, always talk to Bursti to accept any applicable dungeon quests before you enter the dungeon. Some of the great dungeon quests that give you good EXP for leveling are Demon Dwelling, Frost, and Medusa.

Enable Double EXP in Dungeons

Always save your Age of Titans Double EXP times dungeon dungeon runs because they typically provide you with the best EXP possible with monster kills.

Use all of these leveling tips to help you level up faster in the game.



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